5 Things You Need To Buy For Newborns


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Now that your baby is here, it’s time for you to put that baby-shopping plan into action. But, which things are more important than the others, and which ones aren’t needed for much later or are pointless. Don’t fret, because here, we list the only five things that a newborn really needs.

1) A Comfy Bed:

No! Babies don’t need a queen sized bed to rest their pint-sized body. All you need to do is ensure that they have enough space to sleep, without you or your partner endangering the baby. Consider getting a combined changing table and baby cot type contraption. It should save you money, space, and will be ideal for your little one.

2) A Baby Carrier/Car Seat:

Baby carriers are nifty little things that people don’t set much store by. However, a baby carrier is a fantastic contraption and makes it easier for you to carry your baby around while keeping the baby secure. And, there are many brands to choose from.

3) Blankets:

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This one’s rather obvious isn’t it? Babies love to be swaddled. It reminds them of the warm comfort of the womb. One of the most important things a newborn needs is blankets. And, he’ll need more than just the one. You can either buy a few, or only use a cotton blanket. Ensure that the blanket isn’t warm or flimsy.

4) A Cloth Diaper:

Diapers are to newborn’s what diamonds are to girls, in a manner of speaking. But, what we would recommend is a cloth diaper. Your newborn’s skin will be highly sensitive. Diapers that you can buy off the stores may not be ideal for a newborn’s skin, even if the labels state otherwise.

5) A Swing:

Babies feel soothed by the rocking motion. And, you should consider buying a swing or a rocker for your newborn baby. This will give you some me time to put your feet up and take a break from tending to your little munchkin.

So, there you have it; the five things that your baby really needs. Did we miss anything? Tell us here.

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