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The week of your wedding is usually when you feel the most pressure because the wedding is so close yet still a bit far away. This is not the time to try anything new or pile on any unnecessary stress.

That’s why you should not do these things the week of your wedding:

the week of your wedding

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You shouldn’t travel so close to your wedding unless it’s absolutely necessary. Even if you’re having a destination wedding, try to travel before the week of your wedding. T. are so many things that could go wrong when you travel, like lost luggage or delayed flights, and you don’t want to have to deal with this when you have a wedding approaching.

Keep late nights

If possible, put yourself on a sleep schedule. You need to sleep well no matter how busy you are. If you sleep well and get enough rest, your makeup artist won’t have to struggle to hide wrinkles or stress lines on the wedding day.

Eat junk
week of the wedding

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This is not the time to eat late at night or eat junk food. Junk food will cause you to break out and gain weight. Eating late can also cause stress and indigestion.

Try new skin products
week of the wedding

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The week of your wedding is not the time to try a magical new skin product or even a facial. Maintain a healthy skin routine, but never try new products. Your skin could react adversely and you may end up with a breakout that may not clear up before your wedding day.

Excessive drinking

You can drink moderately, but this isn’t the time to binge drink. No matter how much alcohol is available, control yourself so you don’t end up dealing with a hangover when you should be focused on your big day.

While t. are some things you should not do the week of your wedding, you should definitely try this skincare routine for that bridal glow.





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