5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Vendors


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If you are using a wedding planner, you necessarily don’t have to know these things about all the vendors. You just need to know them about the wedding planner. There may only be two of you walking down the aisle in the end, but the number of people that will help you plan the perfect wedding is far greater.
5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Vendors


When it comes to choosing the best team possible, including the makeup artist, caterers, and everyone in between.You need to know these things.

1. Are you compatible with the vendor?

It’s okay for friends to recommend vendors they used but don’t run with their recommendation only. Do your own findings. Compatibility is key: Do you have the same taste and temperament as the advice-giver? If not , proceed with caution. And never use all of the same vendors that a friend did—it can leave your wedding feeling like a repeat.


2. Does this vendor have positive customer feedback?

Thank God for Instagram! You can easily sneak up on vendors and read the . on their pages. If the feedback is positive, then it’s a step in the right direction. But still proceed with caution, negative . can be deleted.

5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

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3. Note your first impressions

Watch how  potential vendors relate with you. Are they swift to reply? Are the cautious? If a band tells you to come to a wedding to check them out, it’s a hint that they may invite strangers to your event, so make sure they understand that your day is for invitees only.

4. Look for a diverse portfolio

Working with vendors who are familiar with themselves can be a plus and reduce the level of possible friction. However, don’t just pack a “click”. It’s easy for them to gang up against you.


5. Look For a Team Player

You want to collaborate with someone who will listen and create an event that isn’t just beautiful but reflects you two as a couple. Does this vendor listen to you opinion or just tries to force his/hers on you? Does she/he make you feel old school when you make certain suggestions? Be at alert!


These are the 5 biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid a all cost!




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