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If it has always been your dream to have a viral wedding, the kind that no one will forget in a long time, then you have come to the right place.

Having a viral Nigerian wedding should be more than trending when something goes wrong and is captured by the camera. You can make an intentional effort to make sure that your wedding is splashed all over social media.

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Consider these tips:

1. Choose a catchy hashtag
viral Nigerian wedding

(Instagram/Banky Wellington)

The first step to a viral Nigerian wedding is a great wedding hashtag. Your hashtag should be catchy and easy to remember, but unique. The hashtag alone is enough to grab attention online. Who can forget #BAAD2017?

2. Hire a great photo/videographer
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(Photo: Klala Photography)

You need a good photographer, because most people will go looking for the pictures of your wedding with your hashtags. Let your photographer be creative enough to get candid shots that will keep people coming back for more.

3. Have a creative pre-wedding shoot
viral Nigerian wedding

(Photo: Prince Mevin)

Your pre-wedding shoot can break the internet and cause buzz that makes people look forward to your wedding. Break away from the mould and do something really creative, and people will want to see more of your love story. Check out these awesome spots for amazing pre-wedding shoots.

4. Use social media sites

Sites like Zumi or other social media sites can exclusively carry your wedding story, and the wide readership makes your wedding even more relevant. Check out the trending wedding of Jide Kola and Cynthia as reported by Zumi.

5. Do something unusual at the wedding
wedding themes

(Photo: Instagram/bisolatrendybee)

It could be a choreographed wedding dance with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, or a themed wedding, or a goofy first dance. It could even be for something like your dress or your cake. Put a dash on individuality on your wedding, and it will go viral: like this bride, who performed for her groom in sign language. Amazing, right?

Just get ready for all the buzz when your wedding breaks the internet!

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(Photo: Zara-zoo photography)

Speaking of viral weddings, these are the first pictures from the white wedding of Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome yesterday.





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