5 Tips To Learn From The Late Winnie Mandela’s Sense Of Style


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Winnie Mandela Fashion Zumi Kenya

Gone, but never forgotten.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was known for the active role she played in putting an end to the apartheid regime in South Africa and our hearts are heavy with the news of her demise. The ex-wife of Nelson Mandela died at 81 years, following a kidney infection and to celebrate the “Mother of the Nation” we have rounded up helpful tips that all fashionistas can learn from this icon’s sense of style.

Winnie Mandela Fashion Zumi Kenya

1. Bold Is Beautiful.

Winnie Mandela gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “Bold is beautiful” with her ever-unique and stylish take on head wraps/hats and her style in general.

Winnie Mandela Fashion Zumi Kenya

.: Getty Images.

2. Natural hair is gorgeous!

If she was not turning heads with her bold head wraps, Winnie was flaunting her strong, beautiful and curly fro, proving that natural is indeed beautiful.

Winnie Mandela Fashion Zumi Kenya

.: ..

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3. Always accessorize.

Besides the obvious, another thing we loved about the iconic, yet controversial Winnie Mandela, was her style of accessorizing her outfits. From layered beaded necklaces to her love for chunky earrings, Winnie’s bold accessories were a reflection of her beauty, confidence, strength and vibrant personality.

Winnie Mandela Fashion Zumi Kenya

.: BBC

4. Own your culture.

Winnie Mandela’s core fashion identity was wrapped around making pieces that are deemed traditional her fashion statement. The beadwork she donned, her choice of clothing fabric and even how she chose to wear her hair all boiled down to her African heritage.

Winnie Mandela Fashion Zumi Kenya

The Late Winnie Mandela and daughter, Zoleka Mandela.

5. Smile.

They say your smile is your best accessory and despite all the trials and tribulations she had been through, Winnie Mandela always managed a warm and genuine smile.

Winnie Mandela Fashion Zumi Kenya

.: Phando Jikelo.

Winnie Mandela may not have graced fashion runways, nor been the talk of fashion magazines, but her sense of style bore so many lessons! May the Mother of Nations continue to rest with angels.

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