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A vintage-themed wedding may sound complicated, but it’s actually easy to pull off if you know w. to invest the theme in. You don’t have to go all out, especially if your wedding is on a budget.

Here are some things to make your vintage-themed wedding easier to pull off.

1. Pre-wedding shoot

A great way to prepare your guests for a wow experience is with pre-wedding pictures that are vintage-themed. Just pick a nice location and throw in some vintage props.

vintage-themed wedding

(Photo: Instagram/preweddingpictures)

2. Invitation cards

T. are a lot of ways to make your invitation cards vintage. You can use a scroll, or send them like a message in a bottle, or type them in a calligraphy-stylised font.

vintage-themed wedding

(Photo: Pinterest/Nulky Nulks)

3. Dress

A simple dress accessorized with pearls can do this, and if you want to go for dramatic…then by all means do! Get you a lacy dress that makes a statement.

vintage-themed wedding

(Photo: Lumi Morgan)

4. Hall Decor

The entire hall doesn’t have to be dripping vintage, but it can have a touch . and t.. It could be lanterns as lights, or feathers or the way the ushers are dressed like old-timey butlers.

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5. Have an old school .list

What’s a throwback wedding without a throwback .list, and an awesome one at that! You’ll need a nostalgic throwback .list that people can relate to or 90’s songs for your 1st dance.

vintage-themed wedding

(Photo: Leheandra)

Bonus tip:

You can tell your guests to dress in vintage dresses. It’ll be fun! Here are things to note if you’re trying to pull off a fairytale-themed wedding.

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