5 Traits Of Every Man’s Dream Girlfriend


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It is true that nothing in this world is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has their flaws. You cannot expect someone to find their perfect dream girlfriend or just the kind of person they have dreamt all their lives about. However, there are certain bad habits that are generally labelled to woman that every man sees and wishes that his girl wouldn’t have these qualities. Here are a few qualities that make up his dream girlfriend:

1. Gives him space.

A man wants his dream girlfriend to give him space. No man wants a woman in his life who does not give him any space. He does not like a woman who will literally suffocate him by wanting to be together all the time. Yes, a man loves you when he genuinely tell you and means it too. However you cannot expect him to show that love by spending every single minute of the day with you. He will just not do that and if you are expecting this from him, then know that your relationship will not last very long.

2. Is not clingy.

Women tend to be very clingy. They tend to stuck to their partners and ask for attention all the time. When a man thinks about his dream girlfriend, he thinks about a woman who will not nag him and whine to him all the time. He will think of a woman who is independent to some extent as well because he does not want a woman who cries 24/7. He just wants a partner i.e. someone who can be with him and be there for him.

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3. Openly states what she wants.

Women, no matter how talkative they are, tend to be very strange when it comes to expressing themselves. I am in a relationship and my partner always thinks that I do not express myself properly and I just can never state what I really want at a moment in time. A man’s dream girfriend will always openly state what she wants from life and from that very moment. She will not believe in secret puzzles and riddles. She will believe in stating what she wants.

4. Someone who looks presentable.

The concept of beauty and looking good is a very different concept – it is something that is different for everyone. However, every man wants a woman who is presentable. His dream girlfriend is not someone with the most perfect figure or with the looks that will gather all the attention in a room but instead she will be someone who is presentable. The concept of breathtakingly beautiful faces is old now.

5. Someone who is smart.

There is an old concept that men like dumb women. As per this idea, I have come across a lot of women who pretend to be dumb because they think that the characteristic of not being smart enough makes them seem somewhat attractive to their partner. The truth is that men are not attracted by how stupid a woman is. Infact, his dream girl is someone who is smart. He does not want a girl with a low IQ or someone who fakes being someone that she is not. This is not what men want. Just be who you are and learn to be loved for all the right reasons – not for reasons that diminish your value.


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