5 Traits You Want In A Man You Want To Marry


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Men come in all types. Whether you like the strong silent type, a hopeless romantic or a goofball, there is someone for everyone. There are certain aspects of different personality types that stand out as more desirable in a man.

Here are 5 types of men that all have something you want in the man you marry:

1. The hopeless romantic

Who doesn’t like a little romance? If you can find a man that not only knows how to be romantic, but knows what you specifically find romantic, then he’s a keeper. The hopeless romantic is great at knowing the difference between overkill, and just right on the romantic scale. A man that takes the time to get to know you, finds out what you like, and how to make you happy, is a man that will be attentive to your needs, not just his own.

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2. The class clown

One important quality in a man is that he makes you laugh. Sure there are times when he needs to be serious, but he should be able to make you laugh when you feel like crying, and help you see the happy side of life.

A class clown is perfect for this job. They usually do not take themselves too seriously, and is able to see the positive side of life. If you find someone who makes you smile, they are a very valuable addition to life.

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3. The workaholic

Having someone who wants to provide for you is a great quality. You want to find someone who is not afraid of hard work and does what he needs to in order for your family to thrive. Workaholics are known for this. They tend to keep their commitments and finish what they start. Having ambition, a dream, a desire, and motivation to work are qualities that workaholics usually have.

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4. The crybaby

Men are usually not open to showing their emotions. They tend to hold them inside and do not communicate what they are feeling. Crybabies know how to express themselves. They know how to show their sensitive sides and be vulnerable. They are great at letting you know how they feel and keeping lines of communication open to you about what is going on with them.

This is a great quality to have in a man. It is important to know when they are upset and how to help them get through it.

5. The one with the Peter Pan complex

When kids come along, you want your man to be able to . with them. To build Lego towers, have tea parties, and dress up like superheroes. A man with a Peter Pan complex is perfect for this job. He will have no problem finding his inner child. He will be able to . right along with your kids as if he is one of them. Your kids will love this quality in their dad, and you will love watching them bond and grow together.

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All of these types can have good and bad sides. A workaholic may never be home, a man who has a Peter Pan complex may be immature, and a class clown may not take life seriously. But all of these types have really good aspects about them too. Being able to pull out the good, and keep the bad at bay requires the right woman for the man. When you find the right combination, hold on tight, and don’t let go!

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