5 Types of Difficult Co-Workers 


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INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you the different types of difficult coworkers you might have or would likely meet

1. The Co-Worker Who is a Jerk

This is the man or woman who purposely tries to make you feel small, stupid, or humiliated. (They are also called a bully.) You always leave their presence feeling worse than when you first saw them.

2. The Inconsiderate Co-Worker

This is the person who annoys the heck out of you. They seem to live in their own tiny bubble where they actually think that the world revolves around them. Their main concern is their happiness, their voice, their health, and their success – and they take no one else into consideration.

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3. The Co-Worker Who LOVES to Gossip

They can only be happy when they are spreading the latest news.

4. The Co-Worker Who Whines

This is the co-worker who is never, ever happy. They hate everything about work, and they tend to whine about everything outside of work as well. They have a victim mentality.

5. The Co-Worker Who Wastes Time

This person will do everything in their power to avoid work, and they will try to drag you down with them. They can’t just sit and stare at the wall, because that would be boring. No, usually they have to come and bug you and talk to you about nonsense stuff that just wastes time.


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