5 types of single girls you will find in Lagos, no 5 is certain


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Apparently, there is nobody who has never been single in his/her lifetime.

Our personality is most shown out when we are single and we want almost everyone around us to know that our behavior at that particular moment is based on the fact that we are single.

We might not be aware about how we behave and handle things but people actually observe and they can tell us our kind of character which even if we know it’s true, we will not admit.

Below are kind of single girls that really do exist.

1. Types that do not want to be in a relationship

These are the first sets of single people you meet out there, they never want to hear anything about relationship, and they believe they are done with falling in love and failing again. They see things only in their own perspective, doing their things alone with no relationship disturbance. They are done with relationship and never want to have a partner.

2. Types that do not care about relationship anymore

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This type of girls doesn’t care about what anyone thinks, they do whatever they want and they prefer being flirty probably because they have been hurt a lot of time. They never want to commit, so you find them with a new partner every time but when you ask them, they will simply tell you that they don’t care for romance, and letting you realize that seeing someone with them doesn’t mean they are single, they are just in for the one night stand love and the next day you will see them with another person.

3. Types that are eager to be in another relationship

They are referred to as emotionally single people because they are actually not happy being single and when they see their friends going on fine with their relationship they always wish they were the one in love. They always wish they were in a relationship and complains about being single, they always want to get hooked up in another relationship because they cannot handle being single.

4. Types that are over-selective

These are the types you always find selecting and yet they will never find one person because of the way they are selective. They complain about this not good, that not good, they always compare whoever comes next to them with their “ex” which apparently will make them almost single for the rest of their life.

5. Types that are in love with their job.

The “Job lover” are the types girls that are addicted to their work and feel that anything that has to do with relationship is a distraction. They are hooked up with one man and they are too serious to give the person attention and so automatically they are single.


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