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5 Ways To Ensure Your Wedding DJ Doesn’t Bore Your Guests!Fashion Style

You want a wedding that people will never forget? (for good of course!) Have amazing music! Even if the activities are fun, and the guests are all smiling, awesome music is the icing on the cake

If you don’t want your wedding DJ to disappoint, .’s what you should do:

1. Know the DJ

Obviously, right? But for emphasis, you need to know his experience with weddings. He can be a good DJ but not necessarily a good wedding DJ.

wedding DJ

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2. Music taste

Although it’s better and more effective to allow your DJ to do his thing, you’ll need to discuss the kind of atmosphere you plan to create with the music. You might also share the theme of the wedding, if any.

wedding DJ

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3. Double check

It might be a little crude to be asking the DJ to show you the playlist a fee days to the wedding, but better safe than sorry; you don’t want to start looking for the song to your first dance and the DJ can swear you didn’t talk about it.

4. Back up plan

Some brides already start compiling the songs they want to hear on their wedding day from the time they first hear a love song. Are you one of those? Awesome! Just put the songs in a flash, and give the best man or the maid of honor. If anything musically goes wrong… The day is saved!

wedding DJ

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5. MC collabo

Th DJ and the MC need to work hand in hand so there are no lapses. When the MC has run out of fun stuff to say, let the music flow… And when the DJ is struggling, let the MC make sure no one notices.

Even the wedding DJ can not stop your day from being special! Since the MC and DJ need to work hand in hand, .’s how to keep your wedding MC from going wild.





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