5 Ways To Prevent Wedding Crashers From Ruining Your DayZUMI


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Wedding crashers, otherwise known as ‘mogbomoya’ can become quite a nuisance if it’s totally unexpected. So, except it’s a celebrity that wants to make your year…

.’s how to prevent wedding crashers from ruining your special day:

1. Prepare your mind

There’s a high chance of having these people at your wedding, so it’s better to be mentally prepared and designate people before the wedding, to handle them if need be.

5 Ways To Prevent Wedding Crashers From Ruining Your Day

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2. Venue

Some ways to use your venue to your advantage are:

  • Have your reception venue a bit far from the church.
  • Try not to have your reception in a place with a lot of reception halls.
  • Don’t have a reception close to a restaurant.
3. Information flies

You can’t put your wedding date and venue on your . or Whatsapp status and expect only the invited guests to come. Some uninvited ones will still show for the jollof!

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wedding crashers

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4. Insist of RSVP

Even though RSVP is not very popular in this part of the world, it is very important that you insist on it, so you can generate a rough estimate and prepare for the plus ones and children.

5. Hire a doorman

A doorman or a bouncer will help solve a lot of things if you explain the flexible nature of the job… Before he’ll go and bounce your mother-in-law!

wedding crashers

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Since you’ve figured how to avoid these wedding crashers, .’s how you can enforce these plans through your wedding invitation


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