5 Ways Your Romance Could Stay Alive After Your Baby Is Born


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The attention that you need to pay your newborn right after his birth could make things a little less relaxed between you and your husband. There will be little time to give to each other and so, there is little time left for romance. Everything you say or do will revolve around the little one. So, how do you rekindle your romance after your baby’s birth? Here’s what you should do:
1. Pretend to fall in love again:

How would you achieve it? Just schedule a date. The two of you have sacrificed plenty of sleep and time caring for the young one. Time for a treat together – something as simple as going to the nearest coffee house that you least cared about might suddenly turn out to be quite the ‘date joint’. It’s easy getting around to a place so close to you while taking the baby along. Or if you chose to have a babysitter or a relative come and take care of your baby for a while, it might help you sneak out a little more time to dine or go out for a movie. If none of these are doable, think about a candlelight dinner at home, pull out your brassware, the shimmering cutlery, and make a delectable spread over the table so you could dine against a great ambience while your baby is asleep.

2. A stroll in the park:

So long as it’s not summer, think about a stroll through the lush park in the neighborhood while it’s your child’s nap time. The best part about it is to have your baby accompany you in his stroller while he is sleeping and you don’t miss out on the fresh air and the lovely flora around. Make sure you stay out of malls or busy places to avoid the noises and the flashy lights. A noisy area might not only be disturbing to your baby but also, would give a little time for quietude together with your partner.

3. Coercion doesn’t help to be romantic:

What once was a pleasant interaction doesn’t have to stop after your child’s birth. Make sure you are still uttering kind words, keeping you tone soft and keeping your communication far from mundane. Don’t stop at mandatory or forced courtesies. Coercion doesn’t help to be romantic. Let you partner know that you identify with his emotions. Kind gestures are sure to put things fall in place. Surprise each other with favorite treats – doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, but planting something behind the bathroom’s mirror or hiding a treat in his blazer might be simple but fun ways to keep him feel loved.

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4. Take a day off from chores.

It’s ok to have your laundry or the dishes pile up for a day. You’ve already been doing so after having your baby, but unlike other days when you must rush to do the cleaning tasks before the next use, you could take an off and consider giving each other a toast of champagne or enjoy watching the movie you’ve longed for on your home theatre – don’t forget the popcorn!

5. The five minutes each day count:

Most importantly, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to arrive for these moments of togetherness. By all means, you can squeeze out five minutes of your mornings and evenings to make the magic moments work for each other. For instance, you could have your morning coffee or cereals together before he heads for work. Or have your beverage time once he is back from work. Wish him luck before he steps out and ask him how his day was once he arrives. Don’t forget those good morning kisses or use your mobile phone to communicate that you care. You will be surprised how far your empathy could take you together.

Being in love after you have a child isn’t hard after all!


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