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The wedding planning is usually a time of so many emotions, but every bride should expect so many wedding day feelings too.

It’s the most important decision of your life, choosing who to settle down with. These wedding day feelings are totally normal because it’s such a big deal to be getting married!

wedding day feelings

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You may feel:

1. Frustration

All the final finishing touches to the wedding plans can seriously frustrate you. You’ll feel like you need to be in a thousand places at the same time, but don’t stress. Whatever you can’t do, nicely ask someone else to (you’re not a bridezilla, remember?). They will be happy to help.

wedding day feelings

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2 Impatience

Can we just walk down the aisle already?! Lol, don’t worry, that part will reach soon enough. Don’t rush yourself so that your dress and makeup can be perfect for your big day.

wedding day feelings

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3. Fear

Suddenly, you start asking “am I doing the right thing?” We know that getting married is such a huge commitment, and cold feet is normal. Just remind yourself of all the reasons why your groom is the best for you. This is not the time to pause your wedding plans.

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wedding day feelings

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4. Happiness

You have floated down the aisle looking like a princess, and your groom’s eyes have told you how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you. As you say your vows, let happiness glow from you. You did it!

wedding day feelings

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5. …and finally, fulfillment

Everything is done, and you’re finally married! At a time it may have seemed like it would never happen, but you made it work. Sit back and enjoy the feeling of fulfillment as you step into the next phase of your life.

wedding day feelings

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Enjoy every moment of your wedding day, and don’t forget to dance your heart out.

Wedding day feelings

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Brides, don’t sweat the little things. Deal with wedding day stress with these tips.




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