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It’s not a secret that Nigerians know how to throw a party. In fact, you could call it our national pride. Nigerian parties, anyw. in the world, are legendary.

At every owambe, t. are different types of guests you are bound to find. This is our take on the types of wedding guests at every Nigerian wedding, from our own experiences.

This list is for laughs only!

1. The one that came to find a husband

She is the slay queen, she shows up in the latest fashion. This sister did not come to .! She will even outdress the bride herself. She strongly believes that this is her year, and no eligible bachelor will pass her by.

2. I just came for the food
wedding guests

(Photo: Obi Nwokedi)

Food does not pass this guest by. They know w. to position themselves so that they get a share of everything that is served at the wedding. It’s not even necessary for them to know the celebrants-they are just t. for the food. They even eat more than the invited guests!

3. The tapper

No phone is safe around them. Their eyes are always open for opportunities to locate unguarded personal items. They are so stealthy they won’t even be caught by any camera!

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4. Stunting for the gram

They are in every single picture, always on fleek. They are so photogenic that you cannot find one bad picture of them. These guests will take a million selfies and keep your wedding hashtag trending on Instagram.

5. The hot stepper
wedding guests

Photo: Naji)

They scatter the dance floor w.ver they go! These wedding guests know the latest dance steps and are not afraid to flaunt it. They get the party started.

Which wedding guest are you?

Insist on RSVP

(Photo: Lifestyle)

If you’ve never been to a Nigerian wedding, you are seriously missing out! Here’s what to expect at your next owambe.





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