50 Latest Poetic Justice Braids Styles


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Also known as box braids, poetic justice braids are adored by most women with short and long hair. Ladies with curly or frizzy hair in particular, are fond of the style because it helps them keep their locks under control and protect it from damage while looking amazing. Suitable on all occasions, justice braids are incredibly cool and easy to wear. Many different styles are available. Choose between the following 50 poetic ideas and let your hairstyle define your personality and sense of fashion.

1. Blonde Braids & Top Bun

2. Sleek Braids & Half Updo

3. Purple & Blue Justice Braids

Not many women would go for such a combination of blue and purple for their justice braids. And yet, you just need a little courage to give this style a shot. Wear your braids naturally and the effect will be even more striking. However, since the color combo is somehow flashy, you might want to choose an outfit in a neutral shade. White or black are excellent choices.

4. Brown Bun & Long Strands 

5. Justice Box Braids & Double Bun 

6. Bob Braids
poetic justice braids_6

Is your hair short and curly? Do you want to style it without damaging it? Well then, the best idea is to get box braids. These type of justice braids are easy to maintain, and they look pretty cool too. For your hair to appear even more stylish, spread a few clips on the braids. Your hairdo will have an elegant, fresh vibe that everyone will appreciate.

7. Cornrow Braids

8. Blue Braids

9. Ombre Green

10. Over-Sized Bun

11. Playful Braids

poetic justice braids_12

A high ponytail is sometimes everything you need to give a twist to your braids. Pair the hairdo with a linear make-up, and make sure it’s not to evident during the day. Keep things natural and let your brads shine.

12. Top Bun & Side Swept Bangs

poetic justice braids_13

Thin justice braids tied in a top bun are the best on a work day. Give your hairdo an extra touch of originality and save a front strand to make a sided fringe. Your look will appear sleek and stylish, and you’ll feel like a princess all day long.

13. Beehive Bun & Loose Hair Strands 

14. Boho Chic Hairdo with Scarf 

15. Messy Bun

16. Over-Sized Blue Beehive 

17. Light Purple Braids

18. Side-Swept Braids

19. Big Braids & Top Bun

20. Bold Brown Braids

poetic justice braids_21

These bold brown braids are a shock-stopper. Perfectly crafted from the roots and featuring lighter shades at the ends, the hairdo will instantly bring you out of anonymity. Top off the hairdo with a simple outfit, and let the hairstyle do all the job and center all the attention onto the face.

21. Extra Long Justice Braids

poetic justice braids_22

Is your hair super long but you want it to be even longer? Take things to the extremes and get some box braids extensions. The exaggeration in length is extremely intriguing and people will surely turn heads when they see you walk down the street. There’s really nothing else we can say about this hairstyle. It is absolutely stunning.

22. Blonde Justice Braids

23. Sided Ponytails 

24. Deep Black Justice Braids

24. High Ponytail

25. Bob Braids & Top Bun

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26. Caramel Justice Braids & Top Bun

poetic justice braids_29

Caramel is such a wonderful hair color. The shades looks great on women with braids, however you might want to complement the hairdo with a more colorful make-up just to make yourself noticed.

27. Retro Chic Braided Bun

28. Box Braids In A Low Bun

poetic justice braids_31

If you’re heading to a party and you don’t know how to style your braids, consider this chic braided bun. Save some strands for a side-parted fringe, and choose a colorful outfit to draw some more attention to the face.

29. Black/Aramis Braids 

30. Bulky Box Braids

31. Chic Cornrows 

33. Romantic Braids & Side Part

34. Octopus-Inspired Braids

35. Light Brown Braids