51 Super Cute Boys Haircuts [2018]


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Are you looking for the trendiest boys haircuts? Fashion is not for women only but also for men. More and more men are now conscious about their looks.  Boys want to rock a hairstyle that does not only look attractive but also feels comfortable.  There are a variety of options from short hairstyles, undercuts, vintage styles, shoulder-length styles to men’s buns. If you want to make a statement then you can create your own unique signature style.

Most boys are not only experimenting with different cuts but also with different colors.  Perhaps it’s the influence of social media that encouraged them to try a variety of styles.  Some of the styles which are popular nowadays have been around for quite some time while some are new. It’s great to see that these boys are actually stepping out from their comfort zone. We have witnessed how famous celebrities such as Chris Brown and Justin Bieber change their looks over the years. ., we have collected a list of the best boys haircuts for 2018. Hope you enjoy them and try out some of them! With proper care and hair care products, your hair will always grow back so have fun and enjoy!

Super Cool Boys Haircuts

1. Long Undercut for Men

4 Year Old Boy Haircuts 2015

The sides and back are faded down while the front is soft, long and bouncy.

2. Clipper Cut Boys Haircuts

6 Year Old Boy Haircuts 2015

Originally posted by supercuts

The best clean cut for any boys.

3. Hairstyles For Black Men

12 Year Old Boys Hairstyles

The latest hairstyles for boys are always visible on red carpet and runways.

4. Boys Haircuts For Valentines Day 

Best Boys Haircuts

Originally posted by outfitideashq

If you haven’t cut your hair for a long time then perhaps it’s time to search for a haircut that suits the new you.

5. Teenage Boys Hairstyles

Best Boys Haircuts 2014

This would look great on any men regardless of their face shapes.

6. Boys Haircuts

Best Boys Haircuts 2015

Originally posted by .

A simple hairstyle for men with blonde hair.

7. Wavy Gentleman

Best Hairstyles

Oscar Isaac matches his waves with some mustache.

8. Textured Chop Boys Haircuts

Best Kids Haircuts

Most men are wearing their textures naturally.

9. Short Men’s Hairstyles

Black Boys Haircuts

A perfect haircut for summer.

10. Asian Hairstyles For Men

Boys Haircuts

Are you getting tired of wearing that old hairstyle? Then perhaps it’s time to choose an Asian hairstyle for your new look.

11. Boys Haircuts Mohawk

Boys Haircuts 2015

This haircut can really make your kid excited!

12. High Skin Fade

Boys Haircuts 2016

Originally posted by f19

The longer textures on top make this cut unique.

13. Black Boys Haircuts For All Ages 

Boys Haircuts Long

This haircut will never go out of style.

14. Gorgeous Male Haircuts For Round Faces 

Boys Haircuts Names

In order to stand out, try a unique hairstyle.

15. Short Boys Haircuts With Steps 

Boys Haircuts Short

A neat style with some steps on the side.

16. Blue Flat Top Haircut Designs

Boys Haircuts With Bangs

New hairstyles cannot only make you look good but it can also increase your ego.

17. Mohawk Hairstyles For Boys 

Boys Hairstyles 2015

The Mohawk haircut is always . to stay.

18. Short Hairstyles For Men

Boys Mens Haircuts

Neat and slick style to make you look sharp anytime.

19. Royalty Boys Haircuts

Boys Trendy Haircuts

A perfect haircut for your kid’s first day of school.

20. Slick Back Hairstyle

Cool Boy Haircuts 2015

The sides are done in taper fade which creates more volume and texture on the top.

21. The James Dean Look

Cool Boys Haircuts

A good haircut can make a man mysterious and stylish too.

22. Nice Slicked Back 

Cute Boys Haircuts

Since little boys will eventually grow into little men then perhaps it’s time to let them wear a nice slicked back style.

23. Dyed Fade Cut

Cute Little Boys Haircuts

Colored hairstyles are truly a huge thing for this year. Chris Brown looks great in this teal colored fade cut. Of course, Chris always looks good in any style!

24. Short Mohawk Hairstyles

Little Boys Haircuts 2015

Zayn’s career in the music industry has gone a long way.  At the same time, he has also tried various hairstyles.

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25. The Buzz Cut

Cute Boys With Short Haircuts

Aside from being easy to maintain, this hairstyle is also healthier.

26. Faux Hawk Boys Haircuts

Cute Boys With Short Haircuts Karaoke

Even if your kid has a short hair, he can still rock a Faux-hawk.

27. Beautiful Soccer Player Haircut

Cute Boys With Short Haircuts Lyrics

Keeps you looking neat while playing.

28. Excellent Teen Boys Haircuts

Cute Boys With Short Haircuts Piano Sheet

A perfect hairstyle for a teen boy with blonde hair.

29. Simple Men’s Hairstyle

Cute Boys With Short Haircuts Sheet Music

Want to get noticed in parties?  Then grow your hair a bit so that you can rock a unique hairstyle.

30. Men’s Spiky Hairstyle

Cute Boys With Short Haircuts Vanities Sheet Music

Short spikes can give you a cool look.

31. Best Fade Haircuts

Cute Guys Haircut

One of the popular trends that are quite noticeable nowadays is big hair also known as tall hair.

32. Cute Guys Haircuts

Cute Guys Haircuts

This stylish and trendy hairstyle is perfect for cool guys.

33. Christiano Ronaldo’s Hairstyle

Cute Little Boys Haircut

Embellishing the fade haircut is a trend that will never disappear.

34. Hairstyles For Curly Hair 

Haircuts For 10 Year Old Boys

The choices for curly hairstyles are endless.

35. Justin Bieber Celebrity Hairstyle

Haircuts For Boys Kids

The blonde hair color is what makes Bieber’s fans go crazy.

36. Short Textured Hair

Haircuts For Boys Kids 2015

This is a cool haircut for your little boy.

37. Slicked Back Pompadour

Haircuts For Boys Medium Length

Is it a slicked back style or a pompadour? Well, it’s more or less a combination of the two.

38. Long Surfer Style

Haircuts For Boys With Cowlicks

Being voted as the sexiest man in the world, it’s not a surprise that most men would desire Chris Hemsworth’s hairstyle.

39. Brad Pit’s Long Hairstyle

Haircuts For Boys With Fine Hair

Brad Pitt can pull off any type of hairstyles, from a buzz cut to long wavy locks.

40. Best Fade Haircuts

Haircuts For Boys With Straight Hair

A fade haircut has sharp angles with magnificent dimensions.

41. Cool Soccer Player Haircut

Haircuts For Men

Soccer players are best known for their awesome and sometimes crazy hairstyles!

42. Antoine Griezmann Hairstyle

Hair Style For Boys Indian

Regardless if a soccer player’s hair is amazing or in a mess, it can still attract a lot of attention.

43. Best Short Haircut For Men

Hairstyles For 15 Year Old Boy

A slicked back style with neck tattoo and beard.

44. Johnny Depp’s Blonde Hair

How To Cut Boys Blonde Hair

Johnny Depp’s blonde locks are very surprising!

45. Faux-Hawk

How To Cut Boys Hair

If you have a little boy then you’ll surely love the Faux-hawk on them.

46. Cool Hairstyle

Little Boy Haircuts

A stylish hairstyle if you want to look cool.

47. Clipper Cut

Little Boy Haircuts 2014

This is the best option for a guy who is always on-the-go.

48. Short Silhouette Hairstyle For Men

Popular Hairstyles For Men

For men who have fine hair, it’s best to keep it short.

49. Justin’s Cornrows

Short Boys Haircuts

A lot of people love cornrows, including Justin Bieber!

50. Fade with Pompadour

Super Cute Boys Haircuts

This is amazingly well done!

51. Superb Short Haircuts For Men

Trendy Haircuts Boys

An excellent option for men with curly hair.

How To Choose The Best Boys Haircuts

Choosing the most suitable haircut is important since it tells a lot about his style and personality. There are two things that you need to consider, these are hair texture and face shape.

  • If you are blessed with wavy hair then you can wear most haircuts because of the volume. It can probably look good in long hair too. Wanna try it?
  • If you have a thick straight hair then don’t wear it slicked back since it can look spiky. The perfect hairstyle for a straight hair is the short classic look.
  • Curly hair looks edgy with an undercut. You can keep it elegant and stylish like Justin Timberlake and James Franco.
  • For an oval face, the best style is a classic short cut with longer hair on top. A side-swept can also look good. The trick is to wear your hair backward so as to prevent from making your head look round. Another great option is a man-bun.
  • For men with round faces, they should make their hair shorter on the sides and longer on top in order to add length and height on the face. A long hair is also a good choice, however, it should be layered and have a side parting in order to contrast the face shape.
  • The luckiest ones are those men who have square face shapes since there are many options. They can go for a slicked back hairstyle, an undercut, a buzz cut, a messy look or even a long hairstyle.
  • Men with triangle or diamond face shapes can always wear more volume on top with less on the sides. The buzz cut, bangs or a side swept hairstyle is also a perfect choice.

Before making an appointment,  get a photo of the boys haircuts that you want to wear.  Talk to your stylist about it so that they can adapt it to your hair texture and face shape. If you are facing balding issues then never wear your hair slicked-back.  Unless of course if you’re brave enough to do it.  You can go for a Jason Statham buzz cut style to look hot.  Regardless of what’s best for you, at the end of the day what counts the most is what hairstyle you love the most.  Looks matter, but so as your personality and overall style.


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