52 Wedding Nails Design Ideas with Pictures


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Wedding nails should be on top of your list if you want it to be perfect on your wedding day. Every girl dreams of marrying his dream boy. During this special day, she wants everything to be perfect, from her wedding gown, wedding jewelry, rings, catering, venue and everything else. However, most often nail art in not given major priority. But nowadays, wedding nails are becoming a necessary part of every girl’s wedding.

On your wedding day, everyone will notice you from head to toe.  That is why, during this important day of your life, be sure to beautify your hands. Wedding nails are not only for the bride but also for the bridesmaid or even the wedding guests.  Here, we will give you different stunning designs for your wedding nails.  These designs are very attractive and classic as well. Enjoy!

52 Wedding Nails Design Ideas with Pictures

1. Acrylic Nails Design For Wedding

Acrylic Nails Design For Wedding

Originally posted by newnaildesigns

You should get a professional nail expert to do your nail design in order to have a modern and stylish look.

2. Adorable Wedding Nails

Adorable Wedding Nails

Originally posted by cuded

Before your wedding day, you must choose the bridal nail art design that you want.

3. Amazing Wedding Nails

Amazing Wedding Nails

The delicate look of your nails is perfect for your wedding gown.

4. Assorted Wedding Nail Designs

Assorted Wedding Nail Designs

There are various elements that you can use on your wedding nail art in order to make it sweeter and nicer.

5. Beautiful Flowers Wedding Nails

Beautiful Flowers Wedding Nails

Originally posted by mansiondreamwedding

Flowers are always present on your wedding day.  Wouldn’t it be great to put them on your nails as well?

6. Beautiful Wedding Nail Art Designs

Beautiful Wedding Nail Art Designs

Originally posted by naildesigns

Paint any flower you want or a flower that is included in your wedding bouquet in order to match your whole outfit.

7. Beautiful Wedding Nail Designs

Beautiful Wedding Nail Designs

Laces are precious and delicate, which is why it is perfect for your wedding day.

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8. Best Wedding Nail Art Design Ideas

Best Wedding Nail Art Design Ideas

Originally posted by sortra

You can choose a metallic nail design so as to match your wedding ring.

9. Best Wedding Nail Polish Color

Best Wedding Nail Polish Color

You can use beads on your nails to make it look more beautiful and gorgeous.

10. Best Wedding Nails

Best Wedding Nails

There are various accessories that you can include on your nail art.

11. Bride Nail

Bride Nail

You can use elements that match your wedding gown.

12. Colorful Wedding Nails

Colorful Wedding Nails

It is very important to make sure that the nail expert that you have chosen can deliver best results.

13. Cool And Cute Nails Design Ideas

Cool And Cute Nails Design Ideas

Originally posted by 2016weddingdress

Choose your wedding nail design ahead in order to avoid stress when the time comes.

14. Coolest Wedding Nail Art Ideas

Coolest Wedding Nail Art Ideas

Originally posted by fashionfuz

Keep your nails strong and healthy in order to get natural wedding nail designs.

15. Cool Nail Design Ideas For Wedding

Cool Nail Design Ideas For Wedding

A metallic nail polish can be the perfect match for your wedding jewelry.

16. Cute Wedding Nail Designs

Cute Wedding Nail Designs

Originally posted by simplecmykcolor

You can wear any nail designs on your wedding day, however, you should keep it stylish.

17. Elegant Wedding Nails

Elegant Wedding Nails

If your jewelry is not adorned by crystals then you can choose a nail art design with crystals on it.

18. Glamorous Wedding Nail Designs

Glamorous Wedding Nail Designs

Originally posted by ohhmymy

Be sure to have the perfect manicure on your wedding day so that you can be proud of your beautiful hands.

19. Heart Wedding Nails

Heart Wedding Nails

Most brides choose a classic nail design, however, there are a lot of nail designs that you can choose for your wedding.

20. Lace Wedding Nails

Lace Wedding Nails

You can choose to place a natural lace on your nails then apply a nail gel so as to secure the lace.

21. Nail Design For Wedding

Nail Design For Wedding

Originally posted by dramastar

Nail art is not only for the young but also for the young at heart.

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22. Nail Design Ideas For A Wedding

Nail Design Ideas For A Wedding

Originally posted by inkcloth

Wedding nail art can be considered as a fashion statement which adds beauty to your wedding outfit.

23. Nail Designs For Wedding

Nail Design Ideas For Wedding

You can have the best wedding nails on your special day by adding a gel polish to your nails so as to prevent any crack and chips.

24. Nice Wedding Nails

Nice Wedding Nails

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You can choose the same design of lace you have on your wedding outfit.

25. Perfect Wedding Nails

Perfect Wedding Nails

Originally posted by fashionpoliceng

Bow designs are perfect for your wedding.

26. Colored Wedding Nail Designs

Pictures Of Wedding Nail Designs

Pastel colors are ideal for your wedding because it shows your feminine side.

27. Red Wedding Nails

Red Wedding Nails

Painting a red color on your nails would give you an elegant yet not so bold nail art for your wedding attire.

28. Simple Wedding Nail Arts

Simple Wedding Nail Arts

Originally posted by mansiondreamwedding

Heart symbolized love, so it would be great to paint hearts on your nails during your wedding day.

29. Simple Wedding Nails

Simple Wedding Nails

To add a bit of twist to your manicure, you can add some glitters.

30. Unique Wedding Nail Design

Unique Wedding Nail Design

Originally posted by weddingelation

This is a lovely bride and groom attire.

31. Unique Wedding Nails

Unique Wedding Nails

When adding elements to your manicure, think out of the box and be more artistic and creative.

32. Wedding Nails For Bridesmaid

Wedding Nails For Bridesmaid

In order to create a side swooped effect, you just need to use a clear tape.

33. Wedding Manicure

Wedding Manicure

In order to get some ideas on adding elements to your manicure, you can ask some help from the nail artist.

34. Wedding Nail Art Bride

Wedding Nail Art Bride

Adding glitters on the tip of your nails makes it look amazing.

35. Wedding Nail Arts

Wedding Nail Arts

Pearls symbolize delicacy and elegance as well as feminism, this is why, a lot of brides choose to include them on their wedding day.

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36. Wedding Nail Color

Wedding Nail Color

Wearing a gemstone that resembles you engagement ring would make the whole wedding attire perfect.

37. Wedding Nail Color Shellac

Wedding Nail Color Shellac

Originally posted by screenlove

Be more creative in choosing colors in order to make your nail art truly awesome.

38. Wedding Nail Designs

Wedding Nail Designs

This is a white neutral nail design with glitters.

39. Wedding Nail Polish

Wedding Nail Polish

Select a nail polish that matches your engagement ring to get a perfect photo.

40. Wedding Nail Polish Colors

Wedding Nail Polish Colors

It is recommended that you should get your nails done, one or two days ahead of your big day.

41. Wedding Nails

Wedding Nails

There are endless inspirational designs that you can choose from such as flowers, lace, snowflake and many more.

42. Wedding Nails Designs

Wedding Nails Designs

This is a gorgeous snowflake nail art design.

43. Wedding Nails Flower Designs

Wedding Nails Flower Designs

Flowers and lace with gems are the best nail design for your big day.

44. Wedding Nails For Bride

Wedding Nails For Bride

Most brides choose nail designs that match their wedding gown to make them more unique.

45. Wedding Nails For Guest

Wedding Nails For Guest

This is a simple French tip nail design that you can wear as a wedding guest.

46. Wedding Nails Ideas

Wedding Nails Ideas

Pretty in pink nail ideas with glitters and snowflake.

47. Wedding Nails Pictures

Wedding Nails Pictures

This simple nail design is ideal for a classic or a vintage themed wedding.

48. Wedding Nails with Bow

Wedding Nails .

This wedding themed nails look elegant with diamond ornaments.

49. Wedding Nails With Glitters

Wedding Nails With Glitters

Adding some sparkle to your classic manicure can make it look stylish.

50. Wedding Themed Nails

Wedding Themed Nails

A matching lace ornaments for your wedding day.

51. Wedding Toenails

Wedding Toenails

A matching toenails can complete your wedding outfit.

52. White Lace Bridal Nail

White Lace Bridal Nail

Your nails are like a small canvas wherein you can place some inspirational designs such as a lace ornament.

What do you think is the best wedding nails that fit your wedding attire?  White is the most commonly used color because it symbolizes innocence and perfection.  It represents the rebirth of a new life.  In creating your nail designs, you can do anything you can image.  You can even match it to your goddess braids. You can even do a 3D nail art design. The options are endless.  You can also get some inspiration from royal weddings and celebrity weddings.

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