No wedding look is complete without bridal accessories no matter how subtle. Trend has gone past the days of bouquets, earrings and neck pieces. Lately, brides have started exploring hairpieces, bracelets, headpieces, belts and many more accessories

Even though every little girl dreams of her big day for many years, even before she meets the Mr. Right. It’s not likely she has thought about what bridal accessories she’ll like to wear. She’s more likely to picture the wedding dress style instead.

The overall goal is to look beautiful but with the ever changing trends in the fashion industry, it’s hard to keep up or know what to settle for.

6 Chic Bridal Accessories To Complete Your Wedding Look


Whether you are a conservative bride or slay queen, bridal accessories will . a huge role in determining how you look on your wedding day.

These 7  Chic Bridal Accessories will complete your bridal glam.
1. Cuff/Chandalier Earrings

If you are very conservative and want to go for a simple look, you can still rock cuff or chandelier earrings. For one it is super comfortable and two it is chic. Do we need to say it’s trendy too?

2. Belt

This is nu-nu! It’s a totally new and chic trend you can explore. Simply clinch your waist line with a cute belt. Check with your dress supplier to be sure a belt will work with your dress before making a purchase.

6 Chic Bridal Accessories To Complete Your Wedding Look

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3. Clutch Purse

Match the details on your dress with your purse. Silver for silver, gold for gold. You need to keep your wedding day emergency kit close and only a cute clutch purse can keep it together without ruining your glam.

4. Neckpiece

Depending on what your wedding dress neckline looks like, you make need to pair it with a nice neckpiece for a complete look.


5. Shoes

Your shoes will either make or Marr your wedding glam. Forget the fact that your dress is long and your shoes may not shoe, for photography sake at least, make sure your shoes work perfectly with your dress- and no, it’s not about buying expensive shoes. You can actually shop classy looks for less.


6 Chic Bridal Accessories To Complete Your Wedding Look


6. Hairpieces/ Headpieces

With numerous bridal hairstyle to choose from, you only need a carefully picked hairpiece to complete your look. Tiara has been around for decades but new trends are out. There is a wide range of hairpieces/headpieces to pick from and this includes hair vines, hair pins, headbands, hair flowers, veils,  and so much more!


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