If you’re the type who can’t go a few hours before needing to powder your face because your T-zone looks like all shimmery and not in a cute way, you understand the struggle of oily skin.

Us oily skin girls have a lot to deal with when it comes to finding the right products, especially makeup. Sometimes even when we have taken all the steps necessary to ensure that we get our makeup skills right, we just can’t seem to stop the shine. A little shine is good for a natural look, but when you feel like your baked face is falling out of place, you need to fix it and . are a few things you should add or change in your makeup routine to achieve a flawless look.

1. Primer

Always apply a primer before putting on your makeup. Primers hide fine lines and make the pores appear smaller and help your makeup stay on for longer.

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.: NARS Cosmetics

2. Moisturize

You might think that skipping this will help keep your oily skin under control but it does the opposite. Your skin will produce more oil if it’s lacking any in the first place.

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.: Good Housekeeping

3. Go matte.

Whether it’s in your cleanser, lotion, moisturizer, makeup, always go for oil-free matte products. These products absorb excess oil and keep your face oil free for a couple hours longer than other products.

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.: Reddit

4. Powder

Never skip out on powdering your face after applying foundation. If you need to powder your face in the day, make sure to lot first to avoid covering up the oil in a layer of powder.

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.: SHEblogs

5. Blotting paper

This is a heaven sent product that can quickly and easily get rid of excess oil on your face without messing up your makeup.

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.: Jackie.Ohl

6. Face masks

Don’t we just love giving ourselves some TLC. at least twice a week, use a mask that has ingredients like kaolin or bentonite clay. This will keep the oil at bay.

oily skin- Zumi

.: .

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