6 Important Skincare Tips For Rainy Season


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It’s rainy season! The perfect time to give your skincare a facelift.

The rainy season comes with a lot of hassles in the beauty department, it’s the perfect time those pesky zits happen, the skin gets irritated or inflamed, gets dull in appearance and dehydrated and the list goes on and on.

One thing to keep in mind around this season is to wash and intensely moisturize, don’t get carried away by the moist feel against the skin, it can actually be bad. Every time it rains on your skin especially your hair, you should get a good cleanse to restore the skin’s PH.

Rainy Season


We are at that time of the year already and it’s pouring non-stop in Lagos and if you were ever wondering how to keep your skin, glow in tow then you should never skip these bits.


A good cleanse will do wonders for your skin. Make sure to use your deep cleansers on your face and never skip a process from your cleansing steps and for the whole body a good bath with deep cleansing antibacterial soaps and washes are best used. They help keep your germ free and clean and clear!

Rainy season

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Yep even when it’s pouring you should exfoliate. Dead skin will always be there but because of the cooling effect this season has there’s a tendency to assume all is well with the skin, a good scrub at least weekly will do the skin good. For the whole body a green loofah will work to keep it glowing as well as help with blood circulation.


Just because you don’t look ashy around this period means that you should skip moisturizing. Keep your skin hydrated especially during this season choosing products for your skintype and won’t clog your skin. Always keep the skin hydrated.


Never go out without sun protection even during this season. When the rains stop the sun comes out blazing hot.

No Face Touching

By all means don’t touch the face, it just makes you break out more.

Non-comedogenic oils

Invest in oils that won’t block pores for intense moisturizing. Coconut oil is great for this.

Which of these tips would you be using to keep your skin a 100% this rainy period?

6 Important Skincare Tips For Rainy Season

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