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Weddings are such a huge deal that a lot of things can fly over your head if you’re not careful and detailed. So along with your own wedding checklist, you should also assign some wedding day duties to your loved ones.

The first step is to split your list into the things you need to do yourself and the ones you can assign, then pick trustworthy people to avoid stories that touch, then loosen your grip on your plans and prepare to allow people help you out.

1. Run around guy

You’re going to need someone who has a car and isn’t afraid to drive it. LOL! T.’ll always be someone, or something that needs picking up, so ask a good friend or family member to please be on standby. It’ll save you a lot of headache.

2. The ‘Just married’ driver

Most times, the car that the couple will be driven in will be available, the only issue most times is who’ll drive the car for the entire day. While it’s easy to just get a driver, you can cut costs by asking a family member or close friend to help out.

wedding day duties

3. Money-picking person

Very important something! Most people print bags to ensure that they can identify people picking the money, but it’s more about the people than the bags. T.’s always that friend or sibling that you know can guard your interest with their hearts. That’s the one!

wedding day duties

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4. Payment guy

Towards the end of the wedding, the vendors that were promised their balance will start itching to get it. So it’s better to make arrangements before that day. You can either put the money in labelled envelopes and hand it over to someone or make a bulk transfer to the person and text who should be paid.

5. The go-to-guy (RSVP)

Although Nigerians don’t RSVP half the time, on your invitation card you can put an ‘in case of enquiries or emergencies’ number so that people don’t call you for irrelevant things. T.’s probably that friend that should have worked in customer care but couldn’t. That’s the one!

6. The fixer(s)

Also problem solver, also support system, also the friend. We hope things don’t go wrong, but just in case, you’ll need that person to constantly remind you that it’s your wedding and that’s all that matters.

wedding day duties

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After delegating wedding day duties, do well to avoid these stressful wedding situations.





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