Pink manicures are in. The question now is how pink do you want to go?

Manicures ought to be a constant process at least for most people but the process tends to get harder each time.

You can get stuck when it comes to picking out colour and shape choices. Trends tend to be helpful to some extent but manicure trends aren’t regarded as guides unlike fashion trends. Most times people go with the flow.

Black, pink, red and neutrals are the colour choices on manicure’s top lists. Pink is a go-to colour ranked in the middle of the general colour scale but there are opposite sides to it as well. Pastel, hues, neutrals all in pink are choices that rely on personality.

For that sake, we are curating a list of pink manicures for inspiration just in case you are in need. Chrome, ombrè, shimmery, embellished, hued and pastel manicures all in pink for your viewing pleasure.





Shimmer & Studs






Slightly hued and embellished


We hope all your pink manicure needs are satisfied. If yes, then you are welcome!

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6 Pink Manicure Inspirations Just For You!

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