6 Strategies for Overcoming Fear of Rejection

Fear of rejection is the one thing that holds men back from approaching women. No one likes this experience, but it’s a part of life. If you let your fear get in the way of taking action, then you’ll miss out on great opportunities to meet chicks and make connections.

Learning how to overcome the hurdle of rejection can go a long way in helping you build up your self-confidence and letting go off your worries. Use the six strategies below to fight off your negative mindset and start approaching the ladies you want.

1. Understand What Rejection Really Means & The Worst Case Scenario

When faced with refusal, most people automatically assume that this means they aren’t good enough. Simply put, they take the refusal too personally. Rejection does not mean that you aren’t good enough. It just means that you aren’t a proper fit for that person. You can’t attract everyone, and you certainly won’t be the first person to ever be rejected.

It’s also important to consider the worst case scenario. What’s the most horrible thing that could happen if you’re rejected?

  • It won’t be the end of the world.
  • Your ego may be bruised, but you will live to see another day.

If you allow your fear of refusal to get in the way of making your move, you may miss out on the best case scenario – making a connection.

2. It May Not Be Your Fault

Rejection is not always your fault. Maybe she’s in a relationship already, or isn’t ready to start dating. Maybe she doesn’t feel as if she’s good enough for you.

People have their own reasons for rejecting others, and those reasons are not always about you. There’s a good chance that no matter what you could have or would have done, the refusal would have happened anyway.

3. Let Go of Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs

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Fear of refusal is often rooted in our thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Avoid this mindset at all costs:

  • “I can’t approach her. She’s out of my league!”
  • “I’ll never meet the right woman because I’m not good enough!”

All these are destructive and limiting beliefs that will prevent you from finding success. It’s essential to let go of any negative thoughts and ideas that you may have. You can go to any woman you want, and you can attract her.

Keep in mind! All it takes is a little confidence, practice and a positive attitude.

4. Be Optimistic & Think Positively

Adopting a positive attitude is one of the best ways to overcome your thoughts of rejection. Putting a perspective spin on this whole idea is really crucial. So what if she rejects you? At least you had the confidence to approach her and start talking to her.

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Far too often, we jump straight to negative outcomes and let fear take over. What if she rejects me? The question you should be asking is “What if she doesn’t?”

The bottom line: You’ll never know if you don’t try. Be positive and such things will start happening.

5. Be Assertive & Proactive

Fear makes us behave in submissive ways, which is a quick-ticket to “rejectionville” in the dating world. Be assertive when you approach women, and understand that you may or may not be rejected.

Prepare yourself for a possible negative situation beforehand, and it will be much easier to cope with should the worst case scenario happen. This doesn’t mean that you should take a negative approach.

Follow this advice! Just be yourself and be assertive! The only way to really get over your anxiousness is to actually experience this for multiple times.

6. Understand Rejection as an Opportunity to Move Forward & Grow

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This can be difficult to swallow. No matter how confident a person is, one refusal can really make them question themselves and their capabilities. If left unchecked, these emotions can send you down the wrong, destructive path. Most people are afraid of the emotions that this may stirs up, but taking a different approach can help you overcome this fear.

Instead of your automatic, natural view of rejection, try to understand it as an opportunity for growth. If a woman rejects you, you can analyze the situation and pinpoint ways to make it better. Multiple refusals not only give you a chance to practice, but also help you find out what works and what doesn’t work. In time, your confidence starts naturally building up.

In essence, you should be looking forward to this as it gives you new experience and a chance to grow. Overcoming your fear of refusal is not something that will happen overnight. By using these strategies, you can let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from making your move.

After some experience, and inevitable failures, your issues will disappear. Rejection is not the end of the world, and if you keep trying, you will eventually find success.

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