6 Surprising Ways Being In Love Affects Your Health A Must Read


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Love is a beautiful thing and love is also blind too. How does that feeling affect our health?

Does it make you beautiful or blind?

Whether it is love at first sight or at the last attempt, we are greatly affected physically and emotionally by our romantic tendencies. So in this very short post we will be looking at 6 shocking ways being in love affects your health.

1. Reduces stress

When you are in love with someone you are less likely to be stressed out. Your headaches ,migraine and pains ease up faster (that’s paracetamol money saved). You body is always more relaxed and happy. Every romantic music you listen to will all sound better, which is very much good for your health.

2. Energetic feeling

Being in love increases metabolism. That means that more ATP is used and energy is equally given off. You are always energetic and restless Also hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin causes you to engage in a pleasurable act with your lover. Love is indeed a beautiful thing.

3. Increases your heart rate

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This is a rather obvious fact. Whenever you around that special someone your heart starts beating like masterkraft’s beat. This is very good because more blood will be pumped into your brain and other vital organs. You don’t need to exercise to get your heart pumping faster, all you need to do is fall in love.

4. Reduces your sleep

Enough of the good effects. Love is also blind too. When you are in love with someone your sleep is reduced significantly. This is because instead if you to sleep you’d be thinking about your lover. This is somewhat bad because you can put on more weight. You could watch more movies during that period ,hoping to re-act them with your imagination.

5. Makes you distracted

Being in love reduces the level of the hormone, serotonin. This hormone makes you more conscious and organized. You will become distracted and make more mistakes over the simplest things. This is another downside of that romantic feeling.

6. Makes you eat often

Due to the high rate if metabolism and also the high amount of energy you use stressing about your lover, you will eat more often. Furthermore in a study that involved students that were in love, they all admitted to eat often because everything tasted sweeter (can you imagine?). So it actually a reasonable fact but be careful not to overeat.

Thanks so much for reading and please comment on what you think and also if you had any experiences based on this.

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