6 Things a Committed Man Should Never Say To Another Woman


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Before pondering for too long, let me tell you that spilling your marital issues for a female audience is something you should avoid at all costs. Your wife plays an important role in marriage, one that should not be replaced by anyone. Your wife is who you should talk to especially if she is the one you are angry with.

When you are speaking to a woman other than your wife, avoid using these six phrases:

1. I need a friend to talk to

You have just established that this woman is friend you are close enough with to tell ‘the deep stuff’ too. It can also be interpreted as “you are easier to talk to than my wife”.

You can use this phrase if you are looking for help when choosing a gift for your wife, but never to share private information about your relationship.

2. My wife and I had a big fight yesterday

No one, not even your family needs to know this. You are admitting that you are vulnerable which makes this the perfect time to take advantage of you. Don’t broadcast your emotional vulnerability to someone other than your wife. While you can’t be expected to have it all together all the time, still keep personal details between you and your spouse.

3. I can’t remember the last time I was intimate with my wife

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Would you want your wife to say this to a man at her work? Or at the gym? Probably not. Telling another women that you haven’t been intimate may confuse her into thinking you are trying to get close to her. Avoid confusion and stay away from admitting details about your relationship.

4. Do you have a boyfriend?

What an innocent question to ask someone of the opposite gender. Wrong! Men typically ask this question because they are interested in a woman and want to know if she is available.

5. I don’t know what I would have done without you

Even in referring to something outside of your marital problems, this phrase has a lot of meaning. You are literally saying that without her, you would be lost. What is this woman going to think now? Your relationship with your wife is your highest priority. You should feel like you can’t live without your wife by your side.

6. Can I have your number?

Very rarely is there an appropriate time to give a woman your personal phone number. Asking for hers is not a good idea either because of the way that it looks and sounds. Are you giving her permission to text you? When would she ever need to call you? If you feel that it is extremely important and/or necessary to give a woman your number, be sure to tell your wife and also set ground rules for this new form of communication.

Have you been caught saying these things to another woman? Your wife doesn’t expect you to be perfect and knows that you mean well. Just be sure to keep your friends close, but your wife much, much closer.


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