6 Things All Single Men Find MOST Irresistible In A Woman


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For a woman to capture his heart, a man wishes she would have these qualities:

1. Confidence

Not with a big ego, mind you. But to feel secure in who she is and to assume she’s awesome in her own right. Confidence in a woman is actually very sexy.

2. A tasteful sense of humor

Not shallow and not laughing too often or too long at what may not be funny enough. but a good sense of humor is a woman’s greatest asset.

3. Being fully present

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Focused on what a man is saying instead of fidgeting with her napkin, her hair, or shuffling through other thoughts such as, “I wonder what he does” “How do I look?” “Will he be the guy I marry?” Totally clear her mind and hear the words of the man she’s with instead of being mentally distracted.

4. Having passion

Passionate when sharing her ideas, her hobby, her job, her art, her family or anything it is that she’s into. It doesn’t matter what it is that she’s conveying. She’s letting him know what she wants in life and what she’s actively pursuing. When he hears her passion, he’s able to understand her better and also know that she will support whatever it is that he may be passionate about.

5. Trust in her own opinion
Many women have the habit of testing the man they meet on their very first date rather than giving themselves permission to discover what exactly they may like about each other.

6. Being well-groomed
She should take pride in every detail of her appearance, not just the clothes she’s wearing and her hair. Little things like well-manicured nails, oral hygiene, a soft and subtle scent instead of reeking of perfume. Most men notice all the little details and appreciate a woman who takes care of her appearance from inside out.


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