6 Types Of Kenyan University Fashionistas You’ve Definitely Seen On Campus


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How many of these have you definitely seen on your campus?

College life is all about having fun and discovering the new you! With no parents around to dictate their fashion choices, students tend to go a little crazy.

. are 6 types of college fashionistas who are definitely in your class right now:
1. The Chameleon.

The chameleon leaves the house looking like Mother Teresa but arrives at school in scraps of material ready to flirt with all the guys. Look around, is she sitting next to you?

2. The Young CEO.

Making you look bad, the young CEO looks like she just dashed from a meeting or interview. She takes her classes seriously and is probably Class President.

Zumi fashion blogger Kenya

.: Zumi Magazine

3. Little Miss Perfect.

She is the one we all love to hate. Her hair is always immaculate, her clothes fit perfectly and everybody loves her. She always arrives to class on time, has well-written notes, and is loved by lecturers. Sound familiar? Or is she you?

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.: Fashionable Stepmum

4. The Tomboy

She’s definitely the loudest in every room. This is the girl who likes to wear loose fitting clothes, men’s t-shirts, and jackets.

Fena Menal Fashion Kenya Zumi

5. The Wannabe Socialite

She looks like she about to be featured in a Diamond Platinumz video. She likes to flaunt her assets, ‘knows’ many celebrities, but don’t expect her to say “hi” to you at events.

Huddah Kenya Hair Zumi

.: Huddah Instagram

6. Queen B.

She wouldn’t be caught dead in a matatu, she’s only at school to please her rich parents in between shopping trips to Dubai. Her extravagant Instagram feed makes the whole class jealous.

Vera Sidika Holiday Kenya Zumi

.: Queen Vee Boset/Instagram

College is an amazing experience where you need to work and . hard. Are there fashionistas in your school? . are the times Huddah taught us how to rock a bandana.

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