6 Walk Of Shame Outfits That Will Get You Off The Hook


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walk of shame outfits Kenya Zumi

These walk of shame outfits are totally epic!

Every party girl has done the walk of shame at one point. You partied all night, crashed at a friends place or met a cute guy. Either way, crazy hair, runny makeup and last night’s mini dress is a NO NO for your neighbourhood walk home.

.’s how to boss the walk of shame and get away with last night’s mischief in style:

1. The Pyjama Look

Rihanna made this look! Many fashionistas are now stepping out in pajamas. This is the perfect look for a walk of shame. Imagine yourself walking back home in a styled pajama at 9 AM? You will surely turn heads.



2. Chunky Heels

Wearing chunky heels to a party is the best decision you could ever make. They are comfortable and they do not automatically scream “party girl”.

Zumi Chunky Heels

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 3. Cool Sunglasses.

Covering your eyes is always a good idea. Hiding how tired you are is a good way to fake style and confidence, even at your worst.

Close up beauty portrait of African American woman

4. The Boyfriend Shirt

One of the biggest fashion bloggers in the world, @stylepantry has perfected the boyfriend shirt look. Take one of his shirts, preferably in a plain color. Tie it at the front to give it some shape or wear a belt over it to make it a little feminine.

Zumi Walk Of Shame


5. African Print Coats.

Nothing tells people to mind their own business like an African print trench coat. You can wear this ultra colorful coat to conceal the short dress you wore last night. They can easily transform from a jacket to a dress. Cool huh?!

Walk Of Shame

6. His Sweatpants

Many men have sweatpants and if you have ever worn sweatpants, you know how comfortable they are. Style is what you make it and doing anything with confidence will help pull off even the oddest looks.


What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during a walk of shame? . are perfect pajama pant styles.

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