7 BEST (Non-Messy) s*x Positions For When You Have Your Period


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Hello married couples, Here are 7 s*x positions that feel amazing when she’s menstruating.

1. Spooning

This traditional favorite s*x position allows her to control the angle of penetration and gives him easy access to massage her shoulders, nibble her earlobes and fondle her br**sts. The shallow penetration that comes with this move is great if her cramps are really acting up.

2. Standing Shower

Standing up with him entering you from behind can be stimulating enough to reduce cramping, and as we all know, quite tidy for cleanup.

3. Reverse Cowboy

Reverse Cowboy is another great position to allow you to control the depth and speed of penetration.
With cramps, slow and easy is best; yet once you get started and are in control, fast and hard can often be the magic elixir for allowing it all to flow. The more orgasms you have, the more oxytocin and dopamine you will feast on. In addition, excess orgasms slow down the length of your period.

4. Missionary

Sometimes just laying there in missionary allows you to relax and just focus on your man loving on you.

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Raising your legs to different heights will change the depth and area of penetration, and you can find what works right for you

5. On The Edge

In this “period-friendly” position, the woman lies on her back at the edge of the bed.

With her partner standing in front of her, she places her legs over his shoulders and uses her arms to raise her hips until she reaches the preferred angle.

6. Elevated Missionary

Place a pillow or rolled up yoga mat or blanket under your hips, with him on top. This will elevate the hips and take off some of that pressure

7. Butterfly

You lay on your back on the edge of the bed, and your man will stand in front of you while you spread your legs over his shoulders. This position allows for deep penetration, so he’ll love it, but it will also prevent you straining your already cramped muscles.

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