7 Critical Signs That She Might Be Cheating on You

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In a relationship, partners will often experience ups and downs. These are expected, but there are times when everything may seem normal, but she is actually cheating on you.

After all, there is always a chance that she may become attracted to another person or that you push her into the arms of another man. While no one wants to think of this, there are 7 critical signs that may indicate that she is falling for another guy.

Sign #1 – She Is Trying to Look Her Best More Often

woman putting on lipstick

Women love to look good, and men love it when they do. If your relationship is growing stale, she may be dressing up to impress you and bring back the spark that the two of you shared together.

However, if she is paying more attention to the way that she looks, she may be trying to be beautiful good for someone else. If you notice that she is dressing to the 9s when she is at the following places, you may have an issue: Work, grocery store, shopping mall or even gym!

Pay attention: The casual places that she used to go that have turned into a fashion show for her may be an indication that she is cheating on you.

Sign #2 – She Is More Secretive About Her Phone & Computer

woman with cell phone

Everyone deserves their privacy. In fact, most people do not like to have their privacy invaded even by their loved ones. The issue comes about when she is more secretive about her belongings than ever before.

This may mean that arguments happens when you check her phone to look at the time or her being agitated that you came in the room while she was on the computer. When a person is being ultra-secretive, they may be communicating with another partner that they have.

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Sign #3 – Lost or Minimal Sex Drive & Its Complete Refusal

No matter what others say, lovemaking is an integral part of every relationship. When you do not have sex, you will feel neglected and often aggravated at your partner.

As you age, you will normally notice that the amount of sex you once had has slowed down. This is normal, but there is a point when normalcy is completely ruled out.

Complete refusal to have intercourse or continual excuses may mean that she simply doesn’t want to make love with you. When a person cheats, they often lose the emotional attachment they had with you and will simply not want sex.

Sign #4 – There Is The “Mysterious Guy”

mysterious relaxed guy

The mystery guy is the one that you have to worry about. Women and men will always have friends of the opposite sex, but the unknown dude that she can’t stop talking about may be a problem.

Even if her intentions are all good, he may want something more than just a friendship. If she won’t let you meet the mysterious guy that she has been spending time with, there may be more going on than mere chatting.

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Sign #5 – She Is Nagging You More Than Usual

conflict with fight

Nagging and comparing you to others is simply not acceptable in a relationship. When this goes from playful to intense, she may be cheating.


Oftentimes, a woman will try to avoid arguments and often appease their partner. If it becomes frequent indicates that something is just not right in the relationship. She may be stressed or overwhelmed, or she may be seeking comfort in the arms of another man.

Sign #6 – She Is Gradually Detaching from You & Your Closest Circles

girl with heartsickness

Couples that have been together for a long time will share the same friends. These are the ones that the two of you have added into your life over the years. When she is not spending time with you and does all that she can to avoid those people, there is usually another person involved.

She may not have the courage to meet with close friends and lie about her happiness any longer. This may happen gradually, or this may be an abrupt detachment.

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Sign #7 – She Slowly Replaced “We” with “I”

word we

The “we” in a relationship is sacred. This is the time when a man and woman have cemented their lives together. Oftentimes, women will be the initiators in the switch from “I” to “we”.

When she starts saying “I” often and excluding you from integral parts of your life, she may be trying to inadvertently erase you from the picture. Cheating can be a very emotional time for you, but many of the critical signs may also be a deeper issue.

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Lack of sex or trying to look her best may be caused by depression or her not being happy with herself. Before accusing her of wrongdoings, ensure that there is an issue present, or you may be the reason for the two of you breaking up.


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