7 most beautiful brides across Africa (photos)


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Africa is known for its richness in culture, beauty, fashion and style. African brides are insanely pretty and even more on their wedding day. They are paid special attention and extra effort is put into making them look every ounce of beautiful.

In a typical African wedding, certain traditions must be observed for the wedding to be complete. In most traditions, beautifying the bride is on the top of that list. African brides are usually adorned with special jewelry particular to the culture. She is heavily made-up and decorated for her groom.

Check out beautiful brides across Africa.

1. Maasai bride

Bride from Kenya

On her wedding day, a maasai bride is dressed by her mother. She is adorned with brightly coloured beaded collar necklaces with elaborate head decorations.

The wedding ceremony is attended by family and friend. The father of the bride spits on her head and breasts as a symbol of his blessing. At the close of the ceremony she leaves wit her husband and on her way home, she doesn’t look back as it is believed she will turn to stone.

2. Egyptian bride

egyptian bride

Marriage has been considered a very important part in Egyptian culture since ancient times. Egyptian women are very traditional and count their religion as a part of them. Most Egyptian women are well educated but expect to be cherished and looked after.

Arranged weddings are the norm in Egyptian culture. The bride buys jewelry and furniture with the money given to her by the groom at their engagement. Before the wedding, the bride is decorated with henna tattoos and jewelry.

The wedding is always a joyous celebration and it begins with loud, sweet music involving traditional bendir drums, bagpipes, horn and a lot of dancing. This performance is called Zaffa.

The bride is pinched by other women on her wedding as a symbol of good luck.

3. Igbo bride

Igbo bride

In the Igbo tadition, the wedding involves the parents as much as it concerns the bride and groom.

The bride and her “bride train” enter the ceremony dancing and people spray money on them implying well wishes and blessings.

The couple gets an “ofo” from an elderly person. Ofo is a wooden stick that symbolizes unity, truth and indestructibility.

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4. Tanzania bride

Bride from Tanzania

In tradition Tanzanian muslim weddings, the bride gets special treatment before the wedding. She is assigned a “sumo” who performs beauty treatments all over her body and follows her every where she goes. A special mixture is used to purify her skin and eliminate hair from her body. She is then smeared with perfume oils and fragrances, decorated with henna tattoos on her hands and legs.

Weddings are usually held on Sunday during “sawwal: which is the 10th month of the lunar Islamic calendar.

After the weding the sumo accompanies the bride to her bedroom, prepares her bed; laying aromatic petals on the sheet. The sumo is then paid an agreed fee by the groom and appreciated for her duties.

5. Yoruba bride

yoruba bride

The Yoruba bride is the prettiest on her wedding day. She is dressed in traditional Yoruba attire known as Iro and buba, aso oke, gele and ipele.

At the ceremony the bride and groom taste peppercorns for bitterness, honey for happiness and dried fish for nourishment. A letter of proposal is designed and framed and read by a selected person to the hearing of everyone present. If the proposal is accepted, a letter of acceptance is also read out to cement the union of the bride and groom.

The wedding guests are entertained by the performance of the alaga iduro (standing chair person) and a lot of delicacies.

6. Zulu bride and groom

Zulu bride and groom

In the Zulu tradition, the bride has the upper hand; she gets her groom, gives her consent to the family. the bride price is then negotiated and the groom pays by bringing the amount of cattle agreed upon.

A Zulu wedding, like most African weddings, is vibrant with colors, music and dancing. The bride is adorned in jewelry which is recognized as the language of love.

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7. Ndebele bride

ride from south Africa

The Ndebele people live in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Mother-in-law of the Ndebele bride makes her a “jocolo”. The Jocolo is a beaded goatskin apron.

The wedding proceeds in three stage and is only deemed a wedding when all stages have been completed. The first stage is where the bride is being paid both with money and livestock. The second stage is where the bride id taught lessons on being a good wife. the third and final stage is when she births her first child.


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