7 Signs It’s Time To Break Up Your Relationship


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Relationships sometimes could be weird; one minute you’re in love and the next minute, you are at the verge of a break up.

Although it’s totally normal to have fights that could shake the foundations of some relationships, but some issues could go overboard and become warning signs that a break up is eminent. However, people are sentimental; they would rather hold on to things that are not real rather than dealing with facts. Some make excuses for their partners forgetting that relationship is not a do or die affair. You don’t have to manage or put up with certain situation because you don’t want to be in the single lane again. If the relationship is meant to be, it would definitely be.

Find below some signs that says it’s definitely time to break up

When Your Partner Starts To Avoid You

This is definitely a sure sign your partner is no longer into you. Your partner might have stopped finding happiness in you and in doing things of mutual interest. Sometimes, people get bored and their interests change, but when nothing seems to get your partner’s attention and his attitude towards you changes, then it’s a sign he needs space or you both need to breathe.

Rashness or Irritation

When every little thing you do gets under your partner’s skin and she flares up at the most insignificant things, it could be a sign something more serious is going on her head. Habits that probably didn’t matter before could make you irritated and arguments could be blown out of proportion. The way your partner smirks his lips when he eats or the way she laughs could suddenly be annoying. When this happens, the two of you may start to drift apart and a break up is inevitable.

Bad Or No Sex

A lot of couples use sex to reconnect after a period of inactivity in intimacy. When your partner loses interest in having sex with you when she’s not going through some hormonal disorder or imbalance, then there’s a problem. Also, when it becomes a struggle getting your partner to undress you and make love to you passionately, then he could be tired of you or getting it somewhere else. Constantly avoiding sex in a relationship where both of you used to peel off each other’s clothes in sexual urgency is a sign you need to break up.

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Interest In Other People

When your partner places other people above you without being concerned about your feelings, it may be a sign you no longer matter in his life. In some cases you may even catch your partner flirting with other ladies. Also, when your partner stops making sacrifices for you it’s a huge sign you need to break up. You no longer amuse him.

No Future Sign

When you start to doubt if your partner is right for you, you may need to take a break from the relationship. This happens when you make plans for the future and she doesn’t feature in it, you start to feel like your lives don’t fit and you don’t share matching life goals and passion and you certainly don’t complement each other in any way, it is a sign you have to break up in order to find fulfillment in life.


Lots of people have suffered abuses and domestic violence in marriages all in the name of making it work. The world has gone past settling for mediocrity in order to keep up with social status. If your partner constantly puts you down with words or disrespect you in unacceptable ways, do not manage such relationships. It’s simply unhealthy. If your partner hits you, do not look back; you definitely need to break up as it would happen again.

Less Of Yourself

A relationship in which you don’t feel like yourself as you no longer have the freewill to do things that give you joy and fulfillment should be broken. If your partner stops you from wearing the clothes you used to wear before or makes you and your friends or family members estranged, makes all your life choices for you, it’s a sign he or she is a control freak and things could get worse. If these aren’t things you look out for in a partner, then it’s a sign you need to break up.

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