7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is About To Walk Out Of The Relationship


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We all want our relationships to last. But as we know that certain relationships do not last and for this you have to be practical. Today, in this article we are here to share seven signs of him walking out of the relationship.

If one thinks that the breakup comes as a sudden surprise then you are wrong as for every breakup there are signs that come before it actually happens. The signs are always there and are clear enough for you to understand as well.

Your partner might not tell you openly that they are done with you. Instead signs like the ones mentioned in this article make it clear that the relationship is on the verge of getting over. Read on to know more about the signs of him walking out.

Its Only You Who Makes Plans To Meet: He might not be interested in meeting you anymore. Instead, he gives you reason of being busy with something or other. If you have been the planner all the time and then realise that he does not take the initiative to call then it’s a sign of him walking out.

Does Not Reveal About You To His Family: It is one of the most common sign that he is not serious about his relationship with you and thus does not want his family to get involved in your breakup.


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No Solutions To Arguments: Walking away from a heated argument is a sign that he is not interested in fixing the damage. Instead he lets you to sulk in the tension is a sign that he is done with you.

Is Not Intimate Anymore: Your love life is not steamy anymore. You realise he avoids getting intimate with you and stupid reasons pop up to avoid it. If your regular holding hands is not there it’s a sign of concern.

His Friends Avoid You: You suddenly realise that his friends start to distance themselves from you. This may be because of the actual reason that they know about what is coming.

Lies About Small Things: You realise that the man who was clear about everything suddenly drifts himself away from you. When you question series of lies follow up. This is one of the sign of him walking away.

Sudden Busy Schedules: He starts meeting hid friends more often. Meeting you is the last thing on his list. Reasons of not meeting up just come easily. This might be one of the most prominent sign of him walking away from the relationship.

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