7 Signs Your Husband/Boyfriend Is Not Emotionally Attached To You Anymore


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A lifelong relationship is based on a strong emotional attachment. When two people are on the same emotional level, no matter what happens, they will never be short of love for each other. A relationship takes a wrong turn when either of the partners stops being emotionally available for the other one.

Unlike physical intimacy, the absence of emotional attachment is hard to discover. If you also feel that your relationship has come to a still point where you feel a weird emotional void, perhaps you need to have a reality check. Well, here are some of the signs that can tell you if your man is emotionally attached to you or not? Read on:

1. Not available when you need him: There have been the times when you needed him the most, but he always came up with a bevy of excuses. Well, if you have had many such experiences, then beware! Notice whether he comes up with excuses for just one incident, or everytime you need him. If latter happens to you quite frequently, then you probably are in need of having a discussion with him regarding your relationship.

2. Nothing to share: He knows that there is something bothering you. Or, you know there is something constantly going on in his mind. Yet, he is not bothered to communicate with you and clear up the matter, even when you try and initiate a conversation. He prefers to keep his thoughts to himself, whether it is about your feelings or his own. This might be an indicator of his lack of interest, and in some cases, even trust, in you as well as the relationship.

Do you think it is quite too early to take your relationship to the next level? Well, give it a proper thought to take any final decision so that you do not face these 

3. Not bothering to return calls: Yes, he might be a busy man and might not be able to take your calls at times. But any courteous and caring partner will call back whenever he gets some time. If you realise that he does not call back at all and you end up calling him repeatedly, you need to start reading signs of a looming emotional disconnect between the both of you.

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4. Being self-centred: Have you been waiting for the weekend to spend some time with him, only to be disappointed because he headed to a bar with his friends? And is that a regular affair with you? Such self-centredness is almost a sure sign of emotional disconnection. If he has an emotional connect with you, he will himself have the drive to make adjustments in his personal plans in order to spend some time with you as well.

5. Your love life is mechanical: The difference between sex and lovemaking lies in the emotions with which you do the act. Like they say, lovemaking is ‘ the sex done with emotions’. A man who is not emotionally available for you will not make you feel loved in bed. The act is going to be mechanical, even perfect perhaps, but devoid of love and feeling.

We are sure you must be knowing how much do men love those lovemaking moments. But, do not let the things you ‘don’t know’, be the reason for any kind of tension between you two. So, here are 

6. Distracted: Does your guy always seem distracted when he spends time with you? For instance, when you are on a date, is he busy on his phone? Or, when you are watching television together, is he busy going through his emails? Agreed that guys usually do not prefer to hear the every day gossip of what others are upto. But, paying no heed even to the things that concern you, could be an indication of something being seriously wrong between the two of you.

7. He feels like a stranger: The ultimate sign that he is not emotionally attached to you is your own feeling. Does your man feel like a stranger sometimes? Is he someone you still do not know about and cannot connect with? Your heart is often true in such matters. If your heart says that there is an unseen wall between the both of you, it is surely the time to take some action.

As the saying goes- prevention is better than cure. It is therefore advisable that you read the signs before you head towards a dark zone. So, if you have seen any of these signs in your partner, it is probably high time that you should talk to him before the things get out of control.

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