7 Simple Tips You Should Keep In Mind Before Having Oral s*x During Pregnancy


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Keep the following in mind if you are planning to indulge in oral s*x during your pregnancy:

1. While performing oral s*x on the female, make sure you don’t blow air into your partner’s v**ina. A sudden gush of air might block a blood vessel (air embolism), thus posing a risk to your partner and the fetus. It could be life threatening for both the mother and baby due to the force of air released through the mouth. This doesn’t happen often, but couples should be more aware while having oral s*x.

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2. Oral s*x would engage bacteria into the v**ina. Due to this, there are high risks involved in regards to STDs.

3. Premature labor is one more concern. If your partner has high chances of going into premature labor, then you should avoid having oral s*x. An climax would bring on contractions which would lead to early labor.

4. If you have cold sores, avoid oral s*x as there is increased risk of virus getting spread to the private part area of your partner.

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5. Many medical practitioners advise men to use a dental dam in order to prevent infection.

6. Know your partner’s anatomy before undertaking this act.

7. Special care has to be exercised in case of pregnant women who are HIV positive and pursuing conception.

Talk to your doctor about the same to get a complete understanding of the safety.

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