7 Steps To Impress Your Future Mother-In-Law In The Very First Meeting


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So girls, you have cleared the first round of marriage selection– met the guy, selected him as your life partner, Now it is time for the second round– meeting the future in-laws. Especially, your would-be mother-in-law!
You must be excited yet nervous, of course. And your mind must be circling around things you should and should not talk about when you meet her, right? Well if all this is going on in your mind right now, then you are at the right place. Here we have the answer to your question. We have mentioned a few points that will help you to get ready for your first big meeting with your future mother-in-law. So, want to know what are they? Then read on.

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  •  Don’t give false impressions
    Yes, this is the first and the foremost rule of meeting your future in-laws. Don’t try to impress your would-be mother-in-law by saying things like, “Oh! Yes I love cooking”, when you just don’t like it or don’t even know how to cook! Topics like cooking, household chores, career, work hours, etc. are common subjects where most girls end-up giving a false impression, either in their attempts to impress or out of nervousness. Always remember, a false impression can create lot of problems later on.


  • Don’t belittle her son
    You have met the man of your dreams (love marriage or arranged), and you have instantly connected with him. But there are few things or let us say habits of his that you don’t like. Whatever it is, don’t start the conversation with, “Your son has so and so bad habits,” or “I think he smokes too much, maybe you should have done something to stop him,” or anything which raises question on her upbringing. Trust us, no mother would like to hear about her upbringing from some person she is meeting for the first time. You will definitely feel her wrath.



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