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How to look glamorous at a Kenyan fashion event.

Going to a fashion event is something many Kenyan women who love fashion have done or are probably thinking of doing. Meeting your favourite blogger, seeing beautiful clothing or just interacting with fellow fashion enthusiasts are the perks of a good fashion event.

. are the things to remember when choosing something to wear to a fashion event.
1. Know the theme of the event.

Many times, fashion events usually have a color theme or style theme. For a color themes fashion event, try and fit into the required color schemes but do not limit yourself. The colors are meant to guide you not limit you. If the event poster says that the event is a red carpet event, then your outfit needs to be glamorous. You can go with metallic, well-fitting dinner dress or a gown depending on the nature of event and venue.

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Avoid extremely short or “ratchet” at such an event, it is not a night club. Also avoid sundresses unless the event is held during the day.At the end of the day, get creative and think outside the box, to achieve the enviable ‘best dressed status’ at any fashion event.

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2. Know the venue.

This is one if the governing factors when it comes to the shoes and dress you chose to wear. If the event is indoors and close to the entrance, then heels can be worn. When the event venue is far from the entrance and the guests have to walk for a distance, then you either need to carry flats with you , or chose comfortable flats. If the event is in a garden, avoid heels all together because you will leave your shoes soiled and it will be uncomfortable to walk in the mud and on grass.

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Event: Moët & Chandon

3. The weather.

When it is raining or during the Kenyan ‘winter’ in July, you need to be fashionable but keep warm at the same time. ‘Freeze and shine’ is not a good look on anyone. The outfit you chose needs to be fashionable but functional at the same time. Wear a faux coat or bomber jacket that are both chic and will keep you warm.

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When it is hot, avoid wearing extremely heavy jackets to a fashion event, in the name of fashion. Keep your outfit light and avoid fabrics that show sweat stains. Seeing a picture of yourself on magazines with sweat stains could be embarrassing for most people.

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Event: Thrift Social

4. Your movement.

If you like to interact with many people and would like to move about easily, then avoid tight clothing and ball gowns. A knee length dress would do for the woman who likes to move around during an event. Your shoes should also be comfortable enough for you to move around.


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