7 Things Children Of Nowadays May Not Remember


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Some call it Change, Others Say its Evolution, but i choose to tag it “Chevolution,” lol! From the stone age to the early 90’s and even in recent times, people and times have changed. Though we may not notice its process, but when we look back, the evidences of change are all clear. Although memories stay, it’s hard to sometime believe some of the old stuffs that had existed, things children of this generation may not know or even remember. Lets take a ride down memory line:

7. The Boombox


Back in the days, if you wanted to have a party or just listen to music with some friends you had to have this big goofy thing called a BoomBox, It held 1 CD or 1 cassette tape. You had to manually choose the song after each one was done. By the end of the night you would have 50 CD’s sitting around it scratched up and the boombox’s 8 batteries are all dead.

But If you have a party these days you just get your iPod and your iPod dock with speakers and blast off. You even have a playlist, so you don’t have to make one, Plus it’s plugged in so no worrying about power!

6. A VCR


A VCR and a black VHS tape came in very handy for anyone who really loved a show. You’d have to time it perfectly and wait until the show was just about to begin and then press the Record ..

There was no way to see it was working either until it was done. So you were often left with an un-recorded tape and if it did work you only had enough room on the tape for 1 or 2 episodes., which means, you would have to have a collection of about 50 if you wanted to watch an entire series!

5. TVs Without Remote

old tv

Back in the days, there was only 1 remote that would work with the old house TV. If you lost this remote, you had to get up from your couch and actually manually change the channel on the TV. That means you often sat through whatever was on until something you really hated enough came on that made you get up and change it. But nowadays, every single electronic and even non-electronic device has a remote control.

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4. One Phone Per House

old telephone

A cellphone in present time can now be equaled to an underwear or dress, because everyone has a cellphone. Everyone can make calls anytime they want, day or night. It’s no big deal. But, not so long ago it was very different. There was one phone in the house and mostly for the rich and privileged. It was located in the kitchen and was attached to the wall with a 30-foot chord. So you had to go to the kitchen to make a call.

3. Dial-up Internet

dial up internet

Most people these days just take their internet connection for granted. They think high-speed internet grows on trees and is a birth-right. Most laptops and tablets and phones connect wireless with no effort at all. You just go anywhere and you’re on a network. But not back in the 1990s! Back then we had only one internet connection and it was called Dial-up. It’s one of those things kids of this generation won’t remember.

2. The Skipping CD Player – Discman


Before Apple’s miracle invention, people had a different story, a Discman, a portable CD player that was the best thing on the market. It allowed them to jog and . CD’s at the same time. It never worked though. Within just one or two steps, it would start skipping and you’d have to stop and try to fix it.

But now, your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player comes in handy when you want to exercise, or just go for a light jog and enjoy high-quality skip-free music for hours and hours.

1. Less Than 10 Channels To Choose From

tv channels

So, right now you have at least 900 channels and easily affordable satellite station providers. Plus, you probably have Netflix and its sorts which adds another 1000 channels and movies to meet your every whim. Feel like watching 30 Documentaries in a row and then 20 Action and 10 foreign films? Easily done!

But back in the days, if you were lucky to have the only cable service in town, it had about 10-15 quality channels to choose from, that is if your parents could then afford the monthly subscriptions. Such things kids of this generation won’t remember, and the list goes on and on…

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