7 Things Couples Should Discuss Daily With Their Partners


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Couples usually fall into this so clinché questions, ‘How was your day?’, ‘Fine thank you’ and ‘Yours?’ the reply may most probably be; ‘it’s cool’ blah blah…

As normal as it might sound, it might not be the conversational touchstone that can help both couple build a strong bond between them especially on a daily basis. Therefore, it would be worth a try to spice the relationship up a bit, so let’s try the following shall we

According to an article on WomensHealthMag, Dr. Jane Greer, New York-based relationship therapist and sex expert, says keeping your emotional needs (and that of your partner) in mind can help:

“My advice is to focus on your partner’s energy level when he or she comes home. Find out where they are and take an emotional reading. Your partner will really appreciate this, and it will help you feel more intimate, communicate better, and connect on an emotional level.”

Couples should discuss…

#1 Goals

Your long and short term goals are worth discussing with your partner What you’re working on, professionally, personally, mentally, emotionally. Are you hoping to change jobs, finish a crafting project, build your own house soon? Discussing openly about them helps to form a deep bond between you two, as well as encourage your partner.

#2 Hardships

Tell your partner about the hardest thing you experienced for the past few days or weeks, whether it was something crazy at work, an awkward conversation with your someone, or just a really difficult workout. Ask them to share theirs, as well. You’ll feel closer by knowing each other’s struggles, no matter how inconsequential.

#3 Health 

Not been sleeping lately? Suffering weird back pain? Chances are your significant other already has a pretty good idea what’s up with your health, but talking out health problems and issues can make both of you more cognizant and compassionate.

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#4 Happy Times

Dr. Tina Tessina, PhD, a marriage and family therapist, suggests that reminiscing about the happy times you’ve had in the past can help in fostering a sense of goodwill between you and your partner:

“’Remember when…’ is a great start to a loving conversation.  It creates so much good feeling to remember how you were when you were dating, when you got married, when you first bought your house, when you had your first child, when you got that promotion.  Reminding yourselves of your solid history together is a way to increase your bond.”

#5 Don’t Forget Embarrassing Moments

As awkward as it might sound, it would sound comedic if you can make fun out of it and laugh it off with your partner. Like how you slipped on a wet tile and fall flat on your both sounds laughable.

#6 The Future 

Discussing about the future, both your individual plans and the ones you’re making as a couple makes your conversions more enthusiastic. Ask your partner where they see themselves in 10 years, or what they want to feel when they look back on their life when they’re 80 years old. Creating a shared vision of the future can only make you more united as a couple.

#7 The Things They Are Most Grateful For

You can talk about things you’re both grateful for in your life? or you appreciate the most about your partner? What’s one thing your partner did this week or this month that you’d like to thank them for? Cultivating the act of gratitude can be great for you as an individual, so imagine the possibilities it has for your relationship as a whole.

Other Things To Probably Talk About Include:

  • TV, Movies or Music
  • Dramatic Events you have witnessed as well as current events
  • Difficult Challenges you’ve had to/ will face
  • Your shortcomings in life or your relationship
  • Family Ties
  • Reminisce about your Childhood
  • Political Viewpoints
  • Fears and Insecurity
  • Talk Vivid Memory and everything else except…

These are probably something you’re already doing, but if you’re not, you’ve got nothing to loose by giving it a try! And you might as well learn that study in Psychological Science claims that people are happier when they spend more time discussing meaningful topics than engaging in small talk.

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