7 Things Every Woman Needs In A Relationship. FORGET ABOUT THE MONEY!!


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There is a big difference between a boy and a man which most ladies/woman neglect to figure out. Some ladies keep on dating boys as their man/guy irrespective of their age. Age is not a necessary factor to differentiate a man from boys but rather there are so many factors that goes into it other than his age.

There are so many responsibilities that guys needs to perform when in a relationship but due to his boyhood nature he may neglect a lot of them. A matured man/guy in a relationship knows his duty and will always live to meet them in other to impress or satisfy his partner.

There are so many things that every lady needs in a relationship in other to be happy and we are going to address some of the key factors below.

Every guy who performs the below factors well is sure to enjoy a lovely and successful relationship because these are what every lady or almost all ladies expect from their man when they are in a relationship.

1. Time/Care: Every lady needs to be cared for and for the reason her partner needs to make more time for her. it doesn’t matter how busy a guy may be else where he still have to make time for his partner because most ladies always feel proud and happy to be with the person they love.

2. Respect: No lady wants to be looked down upon and due to that would want to be valued by her man or partner. ladies feel loved and more pampered when they are respected most in a relationship.

3. Communication: A relationship cannot be successful without a good and quality communication. The way or medium of communication in a relation plays a vital role and should be handled with care. Ladies does not want to be talked to in a harsh or disrespectful manner.

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4. Transparency: Every lady appreciate a guy or man or doesn’t hide anything from her. They love their man more for telling her everything that happens around him. So guys please don’t hide anything from her.

5. Surprises: Surprises always bring a happy and healthy relationship. every lady or most ladies like surprises and they really admire guys who shower them with gifts surprisingly.


6. S’εx: This is one of the key factors most men ignore when they are in a relationship. s’εx is a core ingredient in every relationship and most ladies really enjoy their relationship if their partner is able to satisfy their sεxμal desire.
a lady might not tell you she wants s’εx but you the guy must be wise enough to know that she needs to be satisfied sεxμally too.

7. Appreciation: Always appreciate a woman’s effort in a relationship and she will always be thankful to you.
most ladies does things to please their guys in a relationship so they always feel proud and happy if their partner appreciate or value what they did.

Guys,please these are the super 7 keys to unlocking a happy and healthy relationship and these are what every lady expects from her partner in a relationship.

Let your partner see you as a matured man by adhering to these values. I want to see you in a happy and long lasting relationship.

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