7 Things Men Should Stop Doing After Becoming Husbands


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Boys will be boys! But then, marriage is a life changing experience for everyone. The transition from bachelorhood to married life is tough for most men and their better halves. You may not realise that something that is insignificant to you might not be so trivial for your wife. The best way to avoid dampening of the new romance is to accept and understand that you are no longer a bachelor. So, here are some habits that you should think about changing before you become a ‘husband’.

Calling out for keys and socks: Every woman expects her husband to be responsible. So, take care of your basic stuff. Know where your socks, keys, wallet and watch are, instead of calling her for every little thing. Your wife will love and appreciate you more if you behave responsibly regarding these small things.

Getting intimate with sports and video games: If you are used to slumping in front of the television or the gaming console after you get back home from work, it is a habit that you must ‘quit’. C’mon guys, as a husband you should think about interesting ‘bedroom games‘, not those video games. Start paying attention to your wife, unless you want to spend your nights cuddling your television set!

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Spending too much time with friends: Your wife will not mind if you hang out with your friends once in a while. But, if your friends continue to take the lion’s share of your free time, you will end up living with a jealous and irritated better half. So after you get married, it is best to tone down the amount of time you spend with your buddies. Or, organise some couples’ get-togethers, where your wife becomes a part of your ‘group’. She will enjoy meeting your friends as well as spending time with you.

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Messing around the house: After marriage, everything from a wet towel on the bed to your dirty tees lying on top of the dresser is a complete no-no. Stop treating your bedroom as your wardrobe or laundry basket. Get your act together and learn to keep things in their place. Most of the women are particular about cleanliness, well if your better half is one of them, then you are definitely in for some ‘troubled’ time ahead.

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Your home is not a restaurant: Your wife is neither a cook nor a waiter at the home. She is not going to be serving you food all day around and taking care of all the household work. So, get up and start helping! Also, if guzzling beer and munching stuff on the bed is a habit of yours then it is time to bid farewell to it. Your wife is really not going to appreciate beer stains and food on the bed that she shares with you (if you want her to keep doing so!).

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Talking the ‘guy stuff’ all the time: In the long run, your wife gradually becomes your best friend. But even then, she will not appreciate if you talk about ‘guy stuff’ all the time. Reduce your chatter about your favourite sports, recent match scores, share market prices or Rambo. Unless your wife is interested in the same topics as you, it will just put her off.

Ogling at other women: This one can be a major nail in your coffin. Your attempts of ‘appreciating’ the beauty of the fairer sex that walks by, will not go down well with your better half. Remember, there is now a woman in your life who expects you to have your eyes only on her. So, control your temptation of checking out other women.

Remember, you will be living with a woman who is your life partner and not a baby sitter. So, with the innocence of a child and attributes of a real man, get ready to become a husband.

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