7 Things Women Should Stop Doing On Dates


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Here’s a few things women should avoid doing on a first date.

1. No third wheelers please

Some people still don’t understand how offensive it is to bring a friend on a date and it shouldn’t be. Men, don’t try it. Even if you meet a friend at the date, don’t invite him over. It’s wrong and won’t allow for communication between both parties, which the date is supposed to do.

2. No phones allowed

No phones at dates, because it’s rude. What this means is forget the world, forget your twitter fam, forget to Instagram that food really. It’s the first date and it won’t kill you if you don’t post this one food okay? Very good.

3. Don’t overdrink or overeat

Know your portion ladies, and don’t overdrink or overeat. Take everything moderately, especially if you’re not willing to pay for the meal afterwards. That okay? Fine.

4. Dress conservatively

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While the subject of dressing is very touchy, it is neccesary to be dressed conservatively. Goes a long way.

5. Don’t think it’ll end in s*x

Men need to understand that not all first dates end in s*x and as thus, remove all the thoughts from your head. Every damn thing. It’ll make the date go fine and would lead to the probability of a second date.

6. Oversharing

It’s the first date, so stick to basic essentials. Don’t slip through everything and well, end up saying some very weird things.

7. Don’t be pretentious

A lot of men we spoke to complained about how women pretend a lot on first dates. Now, remember you shouldn’t over share but don’t be fake about the sides of you that you choose to share.


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