7 Things Worth Considering for Your Pre-Marriage Bucket List


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    I urge all singles to create a checklist of their own. Feel free to steal some of these ideas!

    1. Take a Trip SOLO!

    Subscribe to a deal a day website, and score an affordable vacation package for one. Traveling solo creates a high level of independence and self-reliance. Just make sure you select a safe city, and let your loved ones know where you’ll be at all times.

    If you don’t want to travel abroad by yourself, select somewhere in another time zone. Or drive across the country, sightseeing along the way. If you can’t afford to go away, live in a hotel for the weekend. Then, relish in being able to pick a vacation spot without putting it up to a vote!

    2. Break the Bank

    Don’t literally break the bank. But do splurge on something special. Purchase a big ticket item, like a designer purse or a surround sound system. And enjoy not checking in with your partner regarding the purchase.

    3. Make a Mess

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    Don’t make the bed in the morning. Leave your makeup or shaving products out on the sink. And let the laundry pile up another day or two. There’s no one to nag you about following the cleaning schedule, so enjoy the break.

    4. Take up a Hobby

    Swing by a club, pick up a paintbrush or beat a drum. Discover a new talent or pick up a new hobby. Try something new, and learn something new about yourself. Single or married, you should explore and establish your own individual interests.

    5. Get a Makeover

    Rock that Halle Berry cut you’ve been admiring for years. Dye your hair bright blonde or perhaps purple. You will always have your individuality, but when you’re single, you don’t have to ask for your partner’s opinion or get unsolicited feedback.

    6. Adopt a Child

    You don’t have to be married to be a mother or a father. Don’t wait on a ring to give a child a home if adoption has always been your dream. Give a young person a happy home and lots of love, no matter how many people are living under the roof.

    7. Overcome a Fear

    Are you too scared to quit your job, start a business, relocate to another state, tell someone you love him/her, jump out of an airplane or climb a mountain? Look fear in the face, and step out on faith. You will be a stronger, wiser person on the other side of scared.

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