7 Things You Should Never Judge A Mum About


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Often times, it’s quite easy to sit on our high chairs and judge other mums’ supposed shortcomings or inadequacies. We must however realize there’s no such thing as a perfect mum, or human for that matter, and always focus on the positive.

1. Her Parenting Skills. So, you met this mum at the mall and her feisty 3-year-old throws a quite epic tantrum and you roll your eyes and think or even dare to say how she needs to learn ways to keep him in check. Rather than criticize, give her helping hand by showing her what to do.

2. Her cooking skills. And who says she must be a pro like you at cooking? Embrace and praise her other strengths. She probably has a whole lot that will give you a run for your money.

3. She didn’t breastfeed at all. Even if you are so cocksure that decision had nothing to do with a health challenge, well, it’s her baby, and infant formula aren’t poison either. Who helped you decide to breastfeed your baby exclusively, as you constantly brag? You, right? So, it’s her choice!

4. She’s a stay-at-home mum. And you’re a high flying career mum. You both made your choices, and there’s nothing wrong about both as long as it works for you. Her husband works hard to foot the bills but she probably works twice as hard to care for their kids and manage the home. Don’t tag her as lazy or unambitious, as most would like to think.

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5. She had a caesarean section. So, you have four kids and had them all via natural births. In fact, no one in your family has ever had it any different. Well, congratulations! You can never really know the hell she went through during her pregnancy and labour no matter how detailed she tries to tell it, and the fact that she had a CS doesn’t make her any less of a woman.

6. Her weight. Yes, she’s fat, she knows that already. How about subtly helping her devise ways to look trim like you in place of constantly reminding her about the many ways she piled up the excess weight and how her clothes never fit?

7. She’s a single mum. Whether she had a child out of wedlock or is a divorcee, you don’t absolutely know her story like you think you do. From r*pe, domestic violence to heartbreaks of different kinds, you don’t know what she’s been through and currently dealing with to keep her head high and raise her child(ren).

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