7 ultimate tips to ‘give’ a woman earth-shaking org-asms


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Se.x is meant to be enjoyed by the people involved in it.

Going by that, it is not wrong to say that se.x is not worth it if that ultimate feel-good rush is not attained.

Now, to enjoy se.x basically means to be physically, mentally and emotionally taken to that climax of se.xual excitement, intensely pleasurable feeling that takes over your body for a while.

Many men, when they have se.x, focus on GIVING their woman an orgasm, not knowing that no man can give a woman an orgasm.

Instead, what the man should do is create the conditions that will make a woman have an orgasm – the orgasm must come from within her.

The man will HELP her get it, rather than GIVE her.

Here are tips to do it…

Don’t expect her to have orgasm during inter.course – one a quarter of women get orgasms during se.x and the rest need direct stimulation of the clit.oris. Women will certainly enjoy a man that shows power and stamina. But, in the end, it is usually not enough.

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You need to touch her all over – every bit of a woman’s body is an e.rogenous playground filled with nerve ending. Thing of se.x as a whole body massage moment where every bit of her flesh gets your touching

Don’t be in a rush – take time to give her fo.replay for as long as is possible because foreplay is integral to women’s orgasm. It is recommended that you give at least 30 minutes of kissing, cuddling, hugging, nec.king and whole body caressing before actual pen.etrative se.x. Act like you have all the time in the world!

Use lubricants – a lubricant is very important because it makes the vag.ina more sensitive to touches. Again, some women may feel dryness that make s.ex painful and uncomfortable without a lub.ricant to moisten it

Don’t follow routines, Change locations and se.x positions – try to make love in different locations within and outside the home and also do new things in different ways, times, ambience like se.x toys music and toys

Bring a dildo and/or vibrator to bed – some women need additional stimulation to get an orgasm and a vibrator can help you achieve that. Don’t think she would prefer her vib.rator to you because, no matter how sophisticated a se.x toy is, it cannot kiss, cuddle, talk, joke or play like a human – you! So relax and let her have fun…

Talk to her – women enjoy sound, your voice, when they make love. Don’t be mute. Say things to her that will make her know how you feel about her, about her body and about the feeling of being with her.

If you do these, you’ll soon be giving your woman earth-shaking orgasms that will make her scream and dig her nails into your body in ecs.tasy.

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