7 Ways To Know Your Partner Just Slept With Someone Else


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The issue of infidelity in relationships can never be overlooked as it is a subject that affects many.

The same way women cheat in relationships, men also cheat. What most people fail to understand is that there would always be lapses when a party starts to cheat on the other person. Although, many would agree that catching a cheating partner is psychological; this explains why people say their instincts led them to the discovery.

In this piece, we would be looking at the signs men watch out for when they want to know if their woman has been cheating or not. The signs that would be raised would be considered elementary for those girls who make cheating their life ambition and would never be caught doing it. Find below some of the give-away signs that men watch out for when women cheat on them:


There is always a funny smell you will perceive after s ex; no matter the level of personal hygiene you may have, there would always be an odor. This is because s ex has its own smell. And after the meshing and grinding of two bodies on heat, you should not expect to breathe in clean air in that place.

Men get to know if their girlfriends have just slept with someone else by perceiving that odor. Some people have very sensitive olfactory lobes that could pick smells from afar. Ladies who do not clean up well may be caught this way.

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Let it [the se-men] out and look at the color, white means he has eja-culated within the past 3 days, yellow means he hasn’t. (Some people say the color will change after time too time, you can check yourself.


Whenever your girlfriend returns from an unknown place and spend an awfully long time in the bathroom, then something is fishy. Women are always very conscious and would do everything they could to cover their tracks after sleeping with someone else other than their boyfriends.


Men get to predict if their girlfriends just slept with someone else when they turn down their s exual advances later. Women do not like having s ex when they have reached orgasm severally. The best they could do in an instance as such is to turn down the s exual advances and rest till they feel rejuvenated enough to do it.

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