8 Foods that Raise Your s*x Hormones


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Here are foods that makes your eyes dilate and fall in love, the one that raises s*x hormones, gets you in the mood or preps you for romantic cues. Try these 10 things.

1. Strawberry : Once known as the symbol of Venus, goddess of love, the heart-shaped strawberry has magical antioxidants and phytochemicals. If you find a double strawberry, halve it and share it with the one you love. It will ensure true, eternal love – an old wives’ tale says so.

2. Oysters: Call it the most notorious of aphrodisiacs. Loaded with high-energising zinc, oysters are great for romance. Recent studies have puffed the pride of oyster – researchers have found that oysters contain amino acid which boosts s*x hormones. Get shucking, everyone.

3. It’s all about the honey

Honey: After all, the word ‘honeymoon’ comes from honey. Made through pollination and a symbol of procreation, honey has boron, which helps regulate oestrogen and testosterone levels and provides a natural energy boost. Even Hippocrates prescribed honey for s*xual vigour.

4. Coffee: Ah! That seductive smell of coffee. It can lure anyone into the den. Its hefty dose of caffeine makes us happy, boosts heart rate and lends that feeling of invigoration. The alkaloids in coffee pep s*xual performance.

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5. Keep the lust kicking

Chocolate : How do you like it? Dark, white, milky or bitter? For eons, chocolate has been a happiness-bringer. You are sad, eat chocolate. You are happy, eat more chocolate. The darker the better. Dark chocolate causes a spike in dopamine, which induces feelings of pleasure.

6. Chillies: You thought it is its red colour that ignites passion. Not just that. Peep into the science of chilli peppers. The spice stimulates endorphins (feel-good chemicals in the brain), speeds up heart rates and gets you sweating. That’s mimicking the feeling of being aroused.

7. Bananas: Banana is the happiest fruit (it is actually a berry) and contains bromelain, an enzyme that triggers testosterone production; its potassium and Vitamin B elevate energy levels.

8. Avocado : Avocado’s aphrodisiac reputation originated thousands of years ago and it is here for good. Its pear shape is sensual; its green flesh contains high levels of Vitamin E that maintains youthful vigour and energy levels. .

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