8 Secrets to Get Out of Friend Zone


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Every man has suffered from being labeled as “just a friend.” In fact, the friend zone is something that each dude wants to avoid, but most people will end up there at one time or another.

This is a situation when the girl will view you as merely a her buddy, or even worse, like a brother. When you want more and she doesn’t, this can be a devastating reality.

Never find yourself being stuck in this place when you don’t have to be.

1. Be Honest & Realize You Have Been Friendzoned

The first step to getting out of that place is to be honest with yourself. If you have tried to be intimate with her to no avail, you need to face the facts that you are viewed as just a friend right now.

With this realization, you can now take immediate action to finally get out of the routine of being her buddy and hopefully turn into a love interest.

2. Build Your Confidence & Act Like a Man

Confidence and being a leader is something that every male on the planet has within them. With high self esteem, you learn how to act like a man and can finally break free of this dreaded zone.

Instead of merely sitting back, act with self-assurance. Ask her to go out on a date, call her and never let your feelings alter your character.

Your confidence is an attraction. If you get emotional because she is busy or simply can’t go on a date tonight, you will ruin your chances forever.

3. Give Her Gift of ‘Missing You’

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Many people get stuck in the mentality that the other person is only a friend, but they never actually try to get out of it. I bet you are trying to be always here for her to help and listen to her. Instead, do the exact opposite!

If she calls you as usually just say to her politely in the middle of a conversation that you do not have time right now and that you need to go do something else. This tiny gesture will bring  her mind into thinking about you and why are you not here for her as you always were and that she may be losing you a little bit.

Remember, it is not always the best to be there for her every time if you want to create certain level of attraction. Not really if you have been stuck in the nasty friend zone. Giving her the gift of “missing you” is the perfect way to do this.

4. Improve Yourself & Work on Your Appearance

Honesty is the best policy and if you don’t look good, you will want to make yourself desirable. There are many ways to do this, but you need to start immediately and the perfect place to begin is with your wardrobe. The woman of your dreams wants you to look dapper and respectable. Dress the part.

Now, everyone has their own style, and you know what group you fit into best. Nice shoes, shirts and pants along with a nice haircut will do the trick. If you are one of those people that hasn’t changed your style for the last decade, a makeover may transform you from dud to stud.

The other area that every man can work on is their outward appearance. Obviously, this is going to be your body and not your clothes in this case. If you need to lose weight or simply want to bulk up, a 5 day routine will suffice.

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Keep in mind: One pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories, so aim to burn 700 calories while at the gym within one hour. It is not about how long you stay at the gym, but the intensity of the workouts that will lead to results.

5. Gradually Begin to Touch Her

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Touching her in a playful way is a great idea and will let her know you are interested. Do not grope her or grab her. Instead:

  • Touch her hair
  • Hug her
  • Put your arm around her
  • Cuddle

You want to touch her in a way that is cute, but not intrusive. The goal is to make her feel comfortable with you and enjoy your time spent together. Tickling is also a great way to break the ice.


6. Balance Between Being Nice Guy & a Bad Boy

Unfortunately, you can’t always be nice when it comes to being friendzoned. Oftentimes, men will become the friend that takes all of the abuse and bad attitude in the process.

Be nice, bring her out for drinks or to a movie, but never let her walk all over you. The bad boy inside of you must come out at some point. Every woman loves a bad boy, so be protective, outgoing and do not let anyone disrespect her.

Extra advice! Be cocky and funny from time to time. Chicks love that.

7. Start Flirting with Her to Create Sexual Tension

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Do you flirt with her or do you simply listen to her problems over the phone? You have to let her know that there is some interest on your part. This is done by flirting and creating sexual tension in the process. Remember, everyone likes a challenge and a little hot talk can lead her right into your arms.

When flirting, you want her to feel:

  • Special
  • Happy
  • Like the only women in the room

Joke, laugh, cuddle, hug, touch her playfully and let her know that there is a flame that needs to be sparked. You also want to be original. Cheesy pickup lines may work 1 in 1,000 times, but being unique and standing out works almost 100 percent of the time.

Comment on her new haircut or shoes, and really pay attention to her. When she makes a small change in her appearance and you notice, this is the ultimate compliment.

8. Make Your Move & Do Not Wait for Too Long

If you allow yourself to stay just a friend, your opportunity will come and go. There will be other men trying to sweep her off her feet, and waiting may simply ruin your chances altogether.

Today, make it a point to give her a call and make your move. No one knows what tomorrow holds, so make your move today while you still can.


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