8 Things NOT To Do When Flirting With Someone You’re Super-Into


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Major cringe.

Fair warning: I don’t know how to flirt either. But I do know how to fail at it. To that end, here are eight definite signs that you don’t know how to flirt. Employ none of these, and you will be on a better path to successful flirting. Learn from those who have come (and failed) before you.

1. Negging

Negging is the art of making someone else feel bad about themselves so they will sleep with you. It’s cheap and it’s beneath all of us.

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2. Mentioning other men/women pursuing you

All that is, is a great way to run a potential partner off. Who wants to deal with all that (possibly imaginary) competition?

3. Posting obsessively on social media

Cool it, kids. Keep the posts to a minimum to best avoid looking like Alicia Silverstone in The Crush — or worse, Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. No one wants to be known as the bunny-boiler.

4. Touching your date prematurely

Save the hand-holding and sensual little grazes for later dates. Unless you’re looking for a one-night stand, they have no place in the early days of flirtation.

5. Avoiding eye contact

Be bold! Once you’ve started a conversation, make and hold eye contact to indicate your interest, though not aggressively. Find the happy middle ground.

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6. Disregarding personal space

There’s a sweet spot between standing too far away and standing so close they want to extract you with a crowbar. Find it, and run with it.

7. Partaking in drunk dancing

No one wants to see that. Please, if you’ve had a few, spare us your “skills.” No one is skilled after three-plus gin and tonics.

8. Partaking in drunk texting.

Enough said.

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